Step child..? Merging families..? What does this mean!!

I have a stepson who has down syndrome. He doesn't ever listen he is absolutely impossible to be around. Every single time he is over here I try to hide away in my room because he is always being as annoying as possible. He always whines. ALWAYS!! It never ever ever stops. He whines and screams and I just can't take it. I am almost 8 months pregnant with my first baby. Very exciting times. However my significant others child is sort of stripping a little of the joy away. I don't want him ANYWHERE near my daughter.. EVER. He will poke her eyes out or try to pick her up and throw her or sit on her. KILL HER.. in other words. I keeeo trying to find ways to bring it up to his father without it coming off too offensive. I told him that he needs to stay with his mom and step dad for a few months after I give birth cause I am not going to let his son hurt my child. With no sleep and a new always hungry always fussy baby the last thing I need is the constant stress of having his dman kid run around being a j****** screaming and waking her every time I put her down for a nap trying to climb on me and pull her off of my breast when I am feeding. I mean I do NOTTTT want to accept him into my family. We are struggling so much financially because of the amount of money his father has to pay a month just because he can't function in society. When he mother and step dad make WAYYY more than us. He is walking around in designer brand clothes at 8 years old and I don't even have shoes with soles in them because all of our extra money is going towards putting FOUR GOD**** cars in his mother's driveway manicures on her nails Victoria secrets finest on her body. I feel so awful for having these feelings of resentment toward my stepson but I just do!!! I just want his father to sign his rights away and be fully committed to OUR family. He doesn't need us anyways. He has two parents in the other home and lots of nice nice things. I think about leaving on a regular basis and UGHHH!! I don't know what else to say..

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  • Why did you marry someone that already had a kid if you wanted a clean slate? You're the idiot, you knew he had a kid with issues. You're so f****** stupid it kills me. Just leave the guy, obviously you can't handle what you signed up for, sure hope your kid doesn't have any disabilities you selfish c***.

  • Your stepson's behavior cannot be a surprise. You knew what you were getting into when you got married. And if you didn’t, then you’re naive. You should educate yourself on down syndrome and learn how to work with him. Running away is not going to help anyone. Watch A&E’s Born this Way. It's about Down Syndrome adults and how they live independently. You may be surprised at what they can accomplish. You’re pregnant. What if your child has a birth defect? Would you reject her? Yes, it's a challenge with a special needs child. But even parents of healthy children are challenged. You are 8 months pregnant and you are projecting what your baby will be like before she is born? Yes, you will be tired. Ask your husband to help out. But your baby doesn’t need to be fussy or hungry all the time. That will be YOUR fault if she is and you can’t blame your stepson. Babies can sleep through noise. Take some parenting classes or read some baby books, if that’s what you believe. If you show your stepson how to be around his sister, he won’t poke her eyes out. Also, completely normal children can have difficulty accepting new siblings. The card your pulling is irrelevant and ignorant. You have the opportunity to have a really loving and rewarding relationship with your stepson. What the child's mother and husband do with their money is none of your business. Get over it. And your husband's child support will not be diminished anytime soon. If you are struggling financially, go and get a job. And when you say you want your husband to be fully committed to YOUR family. He is. But his child is part of your family. Quit b******* and deal with this accordingly. Figure out how to be a better person, because right now your behavior is appalling and immature. You are not a single parent. There are 3 other parents involved in this child's life. This isn't about your step son, this is how you are just selfish. Life isn’t fair. Deal with it.

  • Maybe you should not merge families until you're willing to take on the responsibility that comes with it. Not everyone can stand being around a special needs child and you seem like one. Take care now.

  • I would have never gotten pregnant in that situation. How are you going to afford anything for your baby? I understand your resentment - but seriously, how can bringing another child into the mix help? You have 2 options - leave or learn to live with it!

  • If he could give up his child with his ex like you want him to then what's going to stop giving up his child with you when things get hard? Be careful what you wish for

  • If he could give up his son with his ex wife he could just as easily his child with you. Be careful what you wish for

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