Somewhat Sleepover

When I was 15 I went to my friends house as I had done a few times before but as the night drew to a close instead of crashing on the sofa as I was expecting my friend told me her sister wasn't coming home so I could have her bed instead, I've never been a great sleeper so as I lay there I decided to go through her sisters stuff to see if I could find any ciggys instead I found her vibe, I was a frequent 'player' but I'd never actually tried a proper vibe before.
I was just in a T-Shirt and my underwear when I lay back down with it in hand, I switched it on just to see if it was loud and found it to be basically silent but to my surprise it wasn't a vibrator as such but more of a thruster, I was already pretty damn wet by this point but it was still quite difficult to get the vibe in due to its biggish size, either was after some teasing I managed to slip it in fairly comfortably, still wearing my knickers just having moved them over to the side.
I just lay there a little while just feeling it full inside of me and basically feeling h**** as F before I finally tried moving it in and out of myself before trying to turn it on, at first it was pretty so-so, with hindsight I know it was way too big for me, even the vibe I have now isn't as big as that one, but after a few minutes I was really getting into it and started feeling pretty damn good, I continued to play for another 5/10 minutes before I was pretty soaking and decided to try and turn it on.
The result of turning it on was basically the best experience I'd ever had up until the point, I'd F'd myself with a few things before that, candles, markers etc but was never satisfied because I still had to move my hand and it never felt right, I was soon at the mercy of this thing but kept getting annoyed at it slipping out as I tried to ride against it, I tried putting my knickers over it to hold it in but that didn't help much so I ended up putting my feet together sole to sole and pushing in the vibe with my heels and holding my legs in place around the ankles with my hands, the whole pose must have looked like yoga which is somewhat appropriate as the whole experience was almost spiritual. It didn't take long for me to c**, I knocked the setting down to the lowest one as I just closed my eyes and swam the ecstasy I was in as soon as it have passed, I turned it back up and drifted away in my thoughts, of all the things my mind landed on, I ended up thinking about my friends sis F'ing, basically as a chick with a D sort of a thing as weird as that may be.
I probably played for a little over an hour, I sort of lost track of time before I was exhausted, I barely had the energy to get up and put it back before I slumped back down for the night, thoroughly fulfilled. Unfortunately that was the first and last time I ever got that play with it but not long after I moved away to college I got myself a very similar vibe and I've been happy ever since.

Feb 13, 2016

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