I feel so empty i cry everyday i have a severe depression i dont know what to do. its affecting me to the point i feel like i cant breath as if im suffocating. i got better before now it keeps coming back. im soo terrified i dont know where to start asking for help, i cant ask my parents they are dealing with their divorce, i cant ask my friends for help because they dont understand me. i have no where to turn. im too busy helping my mom by working two jobs than go see a professional. im confused, im helpless.

Feb 19, 2016

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  • Dear Friend,
    You are not helpless. Please let your parents know how you're feeling and make time for yourself to go to the doctor and get help. You do so much for others but you cannot function well or indefinitely if you don't take time for your own self. Do this today and let us know how things are going. Be well.

  • You are important. Your parents would drop everything to make sure that you are okay. BUG THEM! They can handle it. Your friends may be great, but you may need someone who can really help. Sometimes friends don't know what to say or how to help. Make an appointment today and go see someone.

  • You have too much to deal with. There are free hotlines to call that can direct you where to get affordable counseling. If this is affecting you so badly you can't breathe then you definitely need help.

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