Jacked off in parking lot

Okay here's the story, I was In Des Moines, and I was sitting in my vechile In a parking lot, the lot was full and it was during the day, I was really h**** so I said s**** it and I began to j*******, never pulling my p**** out as I thought it would be too risky, it was rushing making eye contact with people as I sat there and beat off, this probably lasted 5-8 minutes and I made eye contact with this attractive girl and blew my load, this is one of the best masturbation stories I have and I'm shocked I wasn't caught but j********** in front of all those people was something else...

Feb 20, 2016

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  • You'll get caught one day and the law doesnt take too kindly to that sort of behaviour so DON'T DO IT OK

  • This may have been exciting but is it worth going to jail for? Please be careful and avoid public indecency.

  • I'm sure it was but you may not want to continue this as there are now cell phones and surveillance cameras almost everywhere. Keep this as a pleasant memory and avoid getting arrested for public lewdness.

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