My co-worker and I

I have a strange situation going on with a co-worker. Every time we work together or are in same building, she keeps looking at me and we both catch each other looking at each other. We have direct eye contact and its gotten to a point of confusing me. It started with her always pointing out the obvious, like my haircut, like who I talk to or who I vibe with. Long story short we keep making eye contact until one day I told her I liked her and she just stood quiet.

After that day , I kind off stepped my foot off of her and started to not pay attention to her anymore. I have kept my distance and have not pay her much attention since but the constant eye contact has started again . Two days ago she came up to my desk to say Good Morning, and I took it upon myself to let her know , to come and say Bye at the end of her shift , to which she replied Okay and also did at the end of her shift. That night I walked her out to her car and she gave me a kiss on my cheek. After that night, I told her I would wait for her again, but she left before I could see her leave. The next morning she came saying Good Morning and how she had left the night before due to family matters with her mother.

I am seeking advice on what is going on here?

I really like her , but at the same time don't want to be playing her little games. And also don't know how to proceed at this point.

Feb 8

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  • Well that's the fun part. You're living life and there's no manual, no objectively 'right' answer, and any certainty anyone gives you aside from her (and even her since human beings change and what was a sure thing one day isn't the next) is just hubris and faux confidence from a position of ignorance of this woman's thoughts and feelings. We're here for a good time, but certainly not a long time.

    Life's a big game, and even asking this you're playing a game with yourself. Anyone you involve yourself with in any way, you're playing a game with, isn't it? So, it's fine if things aren't so serious and dire and clear cut. Isn't it enough that things are just sincere, if not a bit silly and non-sensible? Enjoy the ride, since as far as I know, you only ride "life" once.

  • I ordered a bacon dish at a Muslim chickenshop and they stared daggers at me instead. Come on, what kind of a restaurant doesn't offer bacon?

  • She wants you, she wants you bad. Time for the Ramada Rodeo.

  • Why do Muslims scream like wild animals across a loudspeaker when they call their fellow Bigfoots to prayer?

  • Why do sad, pathetic 'people' post vulgar and hate filled schizoposts under anon confession posts for someone else's completely unrelated post? Not to salt the wound, you'll already never be happy in life or get anything of value or worth out of your existence, with your hateful and vulgar sentiments. But also maybe look into a family history of mental illness, and see a psychologist.

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