Psychological experiment

I was visiting my friend and his sister was there with her five-year-old daughter. I had watched a program on TV which showed that people who lose an argument with another person avoid eye contact.

I decided to try it out on the kid.

I looked at the child and I said come here. The child backed up into her mother as close as she could. Then avoiding eye contact I said softly. Yes. Looking at her again I said Come here. This time she shook her head. I again avoided eye contact and I said Yes.

The third time revealed that I was entertaining the child who enjoyed the empowerment. I said come here and this time she gestured with her finger and said. No. She was also avoiding eye contact.

I said looking away from her. Yes. She again pointed and said. No.

Her mother started laughing and that ended the experiment.

My conclusion is that instead of trying to run me off the child enjoyed the power of no and sought to prolong the situation. She was smart enough to know that a positive no would have ended the situation.

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