I saw my dad doing something

I saw my dad masturbating when I was 12. He doesn't know it. He didn't know anyone was home. He was upstairs and i'd come in through the backdoor so he didn't hear me. His bedroom door was partly open and i could see him clearly on the bed. Instead of running back downstairs and making noise so he'd know i was home, I watched. I had never seen a man's p**** (only babies), much less an erection, much less my dad! He was beautiful. It was beautiful. I couldn't take my eyes off of him. When he "finished" I was breathing so hard I was scared he could hear me. I masturbated for the first time that night. Not a day goes by that I don't think about what I saw and how perfect he is.

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  • Undeniably & beyond dispute, the girl's father obviously has a Circumcised P****. Only the art of circumcision can render a man's P**** to be beautiful & we all know why.

  • Hot !!!! do whatever turns you on. If its a fantasy its a hot one. If you can make it happen even HOTTTTTTTER.

  • Hopefully your a girl. Your not the only girl to be fascinated by their first sight of a man's private areas. You being only twelve though you should direct your mind to other things. You have a lot to do before you have s**.

  • I am a girl and I'm plenty busy at school with cheerleading and gymnastics but I see my dad every day and I can't think about anything else but wanting to see him do that again. I act like nothings changed but I'm always thinking about how manly and perfect he (it actually) was. I adore him. I want to marry him like I wanted to when I was six but for a much more taboo reason.

  • Seriously girl, you should face this head on very soon.. Tell him everything you have confessed to the forum here. It's important that you do for he deserves to know it as well as we do.. Hiding all your feelings from all you have witnessed without him knowing is BEYOND DISPUTE the worst path you should follow.. It is your responsibility in the best interest of you & your father to expose this as honestly as you can.. When you do, believe me, you will feel much, much better.. After, be totally naked for him to see your genitalia the same way you saw his & worship so much girl. You know in your heart that you hope your father will one day introduce you to womanhood.. You know your father loves you dearly.. Being a teen now gives you that opportunity to turn that page in the most loving way with the best man you could..

  • Get to a psychiatrist pronto.

  • If my dead father heard you say that it would kill him..

  • Amen .... AMEN


    Jesus H-Christ.

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