The day I let it out

Ive just turned 16 (m) and over the past couple of years I've been bullied because I'm quiet and I get good grades in school, eventually even my friends turned against me, being sarcastic and demeaning whenever I try and add something to the conversation.

I'm decently tall and about average strength. I tussle with my dogs a lot so I have a bunch of bite marks on my neck and I know how animals fights and am skilled at it.

Well today it happened. Today at school they finally went too far. Today at lunch I had enough. Today was the day that I turned around to the person who was needling and pushing me around and I punched him in the f****** face.

If there's anything I've learned from play fighting with my dogs, it's to never give your opponent time to get up. So that what I did. As soon as reeled back from my punch, I pushed him over hard and punched him again and again, hitting his head into the ground and hitting him until I felt his nose break under my fist.

Then one of his friends shoulder charged me and was on top of me with his hands over my throat. I promptly raked my fingers down his eyes and knees him in the b**** before clapping both of my hands over his ears to disorientated him.

I turned back to the first bully who was getting back up and lunged, pushing him over and grabbing the back of his head in two hands, hitting it repeatedly into the ground where blood started to gush onto the grass of the lawn we were on.

That was when three of the teachers collapsed on me, someone had gotten the P.E teachers and they held me on the ground bodily, basically lying on top of me whilst some people started to help the guys I had hurt up.

I was snarling at the teachers and snapping at them like I do with my dogs when the guys who I had knees in the b**** was like
"He's a f****** animal!"

And I realised yes. Yes I am a f****** animal. And the one thing you really don't do to animals is provoke them intentionally and that is what they had done.

Right now I've locked myself in the bathroom and they can't get in. Goodbye.

Mar 9, 2016

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  • Bullies usually get beaten in the end.

  • Not hard enough or often enough.

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