Advice before marriage

Couple of things I want to ask here and would really appreciate any advice.

Firstly, I'm a straight male. About to married my girlfriend of 9 years but I'm wondering if I should get a few things out of my system before I do.

I really want to suck a d*** and feel a man explode in my mouth. I get so jealous of the girls in p*** when I see them sucking a fat c*** and it explodes all over them. I've never done anything remotely gay before but feel I would regret not doing this. Anyone had a similar feeling and acted it out? Was it worth it?

The second thing is similar but going a bit further. I really want to be lying on my back baked and have a naked guy (preferably wet after a shower) climb in between my legs and kiss me passionately before lifting my legs up and sliding his fat c*** deep in to my ass. I then want him to c** in my ass, take my c*** in his mouth, let me c** in his mouth and then have him kiss me passionately sharing my c** with me. Again, it's my ultimate fantasy and I wonder if anyone has a similar desire and acted on their gay s** fantasy to get it out of their system.

All responses extremely welcome. I so want to do it and I'd love some advice.



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  • If that's your ultimate fantasy that's really gay. Just go be gay and don't waste some poor woman's time. What a nightmare.

  • No thanks just sniff lick Wear panties...momspantysniffer

  • Okay, these sound like sexy things to do but are you willing to risk getting STDS or HIV just to have fantasy? Does your lady know that you feel this way and want to do these types of things? And once you marry, will these urges go away or is an open marriage is what you're after. You have a few things to consider. Good luck.

  • I'm a married man of 3 years and want to try this with you! I'd force you onto your knees, get my c*** out and slap it all over your face. Then you'll suck my big d*** hard, suck it fast, deepthroat my fat c*** until you feel my c** gushing all inside your mouth and throat. But no stopping. Keep sucking, I don't care if your jaw aches, because the you know where my next load is going, all over your face. The first stream of my hot j*** will land over your eye and forehead, then more over your cheeks and loads inside you open mouth.

    I'll lie you on the floor, strip you naked and start sucking on your d*** while I finger your a******. I'll get you to the tipping point before I stop. You'll be begging me but I'm in control. I'll spread your legs and ram my big d*** inside your tight little a******, I'll f*** you hard and rough until I lose control and shoot my c** in your ass. I'll get out of you, turn around back up so I can shove my d*** in your mouth while I finish sucking you off and my c** oozes out of your ass. How does it feel tasting my c** again and doing ass to mouth while I suck your c***. I know it'll feel great by the way you fill my mouth with your c**! After I've sucked out every last drop, I'll kneel above you and let your c** drip out of my mouth into yours. Then we'll kiss passionately, swapping c** across our tongues, as our d**** rub against each other.

    It's time to go back to our women, but if you get me quick, grab me and f*** my a****** before I can get dressed. C** hard into my ass. Then lick it clean and swallow your c** while you w*** me off ;)

  • Best to meet up every year and keep it an annual tradition too ;)

  • Where do you live? Let's do this!

    It sounds exactly the experience I'm looking for.

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