Well, more like obsessed with the thoughts of a natural female blonde "down below". I have been with a few women and never seen this personally. When I was a teenager I saw and natural blonde in a pornographic magazines and I simply had to get rid of it. I felt the need to m********* excessively every time I even glanced at it & constantly did. Anyways I am told being blonde as a woman ages becomes obsolete, so I've secretly become more obsessed with the prospects of seeing this again. I've seen natural reddish and brunette numerous times but do you women still have blonde down below honestly? It's really not a pornographic type of issue because I can see vaginas anywhere, but the coloring (100 percent blonde in that area) I really desire. Perhaps you are not that way yourself, but have any women seen others in showers or something that are natural? I feel foolish as an adult with this secret and I certainly do not want to see younger or children-that makes me sick. I've been told that blonde pubic is very common with natural blondes in early puberty but that it darkens with age. Is this true? Does anybody know where I could see the real thing without it being too perverted? Perhaps you could just be honest with me-? So many women shave now that I guess you wouldn't know even if they were. Look forward to feedback-thanks

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  • Really? Did it fade at all as you got older? I've heard the only real natural ones are not mature adults. I guess you are my fantasy woman than-lol

  • i got blonde down thea.

  • I never posted that I didn't like women! I simply having a secret obsession with a mature adult female having blonde pubic hair at least natural. I am starting to think there are not any or becoming rarer everyday

  • Your f****** weird. It is not the pubes that make the p**** good, fool!

  • Would you want to see dez nuts if they were blonde?

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