I know that look

My wife and I were at a local fund raising party night before last. We go every year because we always have a great time. We both love to dance and they always have a great band. Well we had danced quite a bit and my knee was hurting, from a recent surgery, so I sat out a couple of dances. My wife stayed on the dance floor finding one guy then another. Which is fine, we have that agreement. So to get to the point, there was this incredible looking blonde about 40 to 45 I guess. And I asked her to dance (right in front of her husband to make sure it was OK with him too). When we started dancing she gave me that look. That you can have me look. I am almost 50 y/o so I know that look when I see it. Any way we danced and I ran my hand up and down her back and she just melted in my arms. It was amazing how she made me feel. Any way she and her husband are friends of our friends and they will be coming to my 50th/ costume party next month. I would really like to play some more however I have never cheated on my wife of 15 years. I want to play but only so far. I have about a month untill the party and the oppertunity. What do I do? mind my own business and keep my self respect? Or go for her (I have never even kissed a blonde)

Jul 8, 2010

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  • Maybe you can speak to your wife about it. You could work something out like you can have s** with the blonde while your wife has s** with the blonde's husband. (This is unlikely to happen, but it's worth a shot. You get to have s**, and you won't have to deal with the consequences of an affair.)

  • Well the party has come and gone and nothing happened. I saw her and we smiled at each other and that is all. I decided that it was not a good environment to flirt. Nothing ventured, nothing gained.

  • Hmmm. I wouldn't expect anything out of it. It was a moment of the past that you should remember and enjoy, but that is all it should be.

    You were tickled that that little hint of hers (could have been a little drunk too) stroked your ego. It's your ego which is trying to build it up in your mind as to what it was, and what it wasn't. Think of it as more of a dirty joke she told you in confidence.

    Reading your post again, I think the lady had a good idea of what she looked like, and liked the attention she was getting. More of that ego again. She just cast the lure out to see what she caught. She got what she wanted. But.... you did have some control in the situation. She wasn't expecting you to melt her, but it was all part of what she was looking for?

    Hope you come back with comments.

  • Keep your self respect, unless your wife of 15 years is truly okay with you boning the blonde (doubt it).

    The blonde could also just be flirting with you, getting you "fired up" by her seductiveness, only to leave you with your c*** in hand and nothing but a set of blue b****.

    Stay rational and j*** one out occasionally while thinking about her, if you have to, but stay away.

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