Cheated on my boyfriend with co-worker

Few months back i had to go away on a course for my work for 3 nights n stayed in a hotel, i didnt go alone went with another of my co-worker, and dispite having a row with my boyfriend about going away with another man i ended up sleeping with him, muiltple times, the first night we got there and went for a meal followed by drinks followed by him following me into my room, it just happened and waa so taboo i loved every minite of it, we f***** on every side board, in the bed, on the chair, in the bath, everywhere and it wasnt just standard s** it was rough nasty s**, he amazed me as he could keep his hardon even after cuming, the first day of the course we hardly spoke and the second night we didnt leave the hotel room to get food till 9.30pm as we had s** 5 times followed buy two more before i went to sleep, he wouldnt sleep in the bed and went back to his room, he hardly speaks but the last day he knocked the door in the morning and we had s** again making us late for the last day the course, everytime we had s** it was unprotected and i let him finish anywhere he choose, finally i went home and lied to my boyfriend about it being ok boring early nights and such but the worse of it was on the second night i was giving and reciving oral s** while on the phone to my boyfriend, me and my co-worker havent spoke as we not really in same department.

Mar 11, 2016

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  • You nasty s***!! your poor boyfriend! do you ever think past your l***? or is it no self control as this man has his way with you whenever he chooses, like a common street w**** you are!

  • Oh please...if your a girl your prob the stuck up snobby type, whos partner would love a night with a proper woman like me, and if your a dude you more than likely jellious!

  • Do you think of your boyfriend when u have another mans c*** in your throat?

  • Yea sometimes, i think about how having this d*** in my mouth is a challenge!

  • Like to hear more naughty stories from you and from some other nice folks.I always like to make friends hear their naughty stories and see their pictures too.I would like to find some new friends to help me get my wife in the N.E.440&330 area back sharing and make a her nice sharing s*** like this nice lady.

  • Seems i had better confess to a few more things

  • Oh i like to be called a lady xxx

  • Oh you are a naughty girl, sounds like you spread your legs when ever he touched you. Only someone with a big c*** can make you do that.

  • Oh i am a naughty girl hehe yea he does have a big c***, i struggle to get it all in my mouth, but with a gentle push from him i just about manage to... xxx

  • Dirty girl, you deep throat him?

  • I took his whole c*** in my mouth and throat yea, all the way to his b****, like i said he helps me for the last inch or so, his hands in my hair pushing himself into my throat

  • Were does he c** the most?

  • Well he prefers to c** ether on my face or in my mouth, i prefer him to shoot his thick load deep in me!

  • I know you love cheating on your bf. It makes your p**** soaking wet

  • Hehe yeah u r right xxx

  • Currious, what were you wearing the first time he f***** you? and did were you fully naked?

  • It was nothing spectacular the first time, just jeans and t shirt and jacket, most time in the hotel i was fully naked apart from the second night he ripped my leggings apart so i had them on plus my boots, as for now at work, instead normal tights bow iv worn hold ups instead lol

  • Wht type of boots?

  • Brown knee high flats! no most slutty i own im afraid xxx

  • I love your story. I am happy that you had a good time. Your boyfriend will not miss what you gave away to your friend. You work hard and deserve some little excitement now and then. Do not feel bad.

  • Yea i know right? love the thrill of it

  • Nice, seems u got very c*** hungrey! u f***** him since?

  • I may have....

  • So have you f***** him again?

  • Yea i have, few times a couple of quickies at work, twice in the car and once at his after work

  • Are you knocked up?

  • No im not x

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