Monsoon storm

When I was 13 I was your average country kid & we lived about 12 Miles out of town. My family lived about a mile from my aunt and her three daughters. Grace 20, Dee 16 & Marie 9. One Saturday night mom and dad to have my aunts and one of my uncles went to the bar and left me and my cousin Dee home to watch my Little brother two little sisters and Dee's Little sister who were all around eight or nine. It has been storming off & on all afternoon so we decided to play Monopoly. I ended up kicking their butts and had hotels everywhere & every time Dee would land on one of my hotels she would get frustrated and try to pinch me on the leg with her toes under the table. Then noticing she had her foot propped up on my chair between my legs Kinda got me going. Her next turn she landed on another hotel and was p***** and her foo her next turn she landed on another hotel and was p***** and she pinched my c*** with her toes through my shorts. I wasn't really in shock because we used to play doctor or I'll show you mine if you show me yours back in the day. Then all of a sudden lightning struck and the power went off. so everyone went into the living room and I laid down on the loveseat. When Dee came into the living room she laid on the loveseat with me except her head was by my feet and my head was by hers. Then she said something I'll never forget "H****"? Not knowing what to say I said "sure" then we were massaging the inside of each other's thigh & even kind a cop in a feel on the outside of the shorts. Then out of the blue she said " I have a flashlight in my room come with me to get it". When we got to her room she said we don't have much time pull down your pants, I was in shock as she pulled my zipper down my shorts down just far enough my c*** came into view. I look down just in time to see her mouth go over the tip and start sucking down the shaft. She sucked me for about three or four minutes before she said let's go before the kids get suspicious. A little while later the light came back on for little bit and went off again. It was lighter outside than it was inside and we decided to play hide and seek. I want to hide behind my aunts shed and Dee was back there, and I ended up getting to finger and suck on her t******. Nothing else happened that night but I don't think I've ever jacked off so much in my life that night.
To be continued

Mar 22, 2016

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