Hotel pi**ing

Being naughty is a huge turn on, especially when you can share it with a mate. That being said, the first time i p***** in a hotel room my girlfriend loved it and grabbed my d*** to direct p*** everywhere. I p***** on the couch, wall, painting and carpet. Shortly after that she sat on the couch and p***** down the back of it. I played with her p**** while she was p******. Feeling the warm sexiness dripping off of my hand. Since then it's been an enjoyment for us. We frequently stop at hotels on the way home from the bar and walk in like we have a room there. We'll take the elevator or the stairs and find a great place to relieve ourselves. Shes videoed me p****** on a chair in the business room. Exhilarating. Try it.

Apr 29

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  • Strangely you're right it is quite a turn on an quite liberating. My husband, my mom and I were traveling to see a very sick aunt. My husband had driven late into the night and we stopped in this very cheap motel. Mom rushed into the room and went into the bathroom for a long time. My husband had been obviously urgent went he carried the bags in and was noticeable upset my mom was in the bathroom. He stepped outside for a moment and returned commenting that there were too many people outside drinking, smoking and such to pee outside. At the same time I was complaining to him that the room was so disgusting and the clientele so bad that no one's going to care, "just go." What I meant was for him to just step out and pee in the parking lot despite the people, what he heard was "just go." When I looked up he was spraying it out across the carpet! Before I could say a word my mom opened the bathroom door and stepped out to see it all. She spoke before I saying, "I don't know why you didn't just do that in the first place instead of complaining about me being in the bathroom, this place is a dump anyway and you certainly didn't need to use a toilet." In the morning it was I who went into the bath to shower and inadvertently locked the door. Apparently, he'd gotten up and tried the door first and as he went back to the bed my mom told him, "oh, just pee on the floor already." When he hesitated, she apparently got up and squatted down between the beds and peed the carpet herself. With that he found the courage to once again spray it out on the carpet again.

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