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A friend of mine was going through a rough patch with his wife. Unrelated to their problems me and my girlfriend broke up. I stopped by their house to see how things were going with them and found out he had moved out the night before. Not knowing what exactly to say to her I suggested that she and I should go out to make her husband jealous. Our intentions were to only make her husband jealous so he would come back home to her. We let it be know to her husband that she and I were planning on going out on a date. We figured he would get p*****, but he didn't and told her to have fun. She was so p***** when I showed up to get her that didn't want to go. Instead she wanted to stay in and just have s**. I objected at first saying our intentions were to fix her marriage, not destroy it. She told me if I didn't want to have s** to just leave so she could go find someone who did. I being the good friend I am decided to stay and have s** with her so she didn't go out and f*** some creepy dude. I'm glad I did because the s** turned out to be the best s** I had ever had. That woman knows how to give head, taking me all they way down to my b****, and I'm not exactly small with an 8 inch c***. She sucked and worked my d*** like she was a professional p*** star. Then she got on top and rode me like she was grinding for oil. We f***** and sucked for over an hour. Then we took a shower, watched a movie, and then f***** again. Then I spent the night and she woke me up in the middle of the night sucking my d*** again. We spent most of the summer sleeping with each other until her husband decided to come home. I was fine with that because me and my girlfriend had gotten back together.

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  • Are you still friends with him? If so, it must be kind of hot hanging out with them, with all of you knowing full well that you've f***** the h*** out of his wife!
    I also wonder if it turns him on to know that another man, who he sees regularly, has had full use of his wife's body not just once but many, many times.
    My best friend has f***** my wife more times than I could possibly count, and there's nothing in the world that gets me hotter than watching the woman I married spread her legs and give herself to him, seeing and hearing how her body responds to him. There's nothing like watching them c** together. If your friend seems to be fine with what you and his wife did that summer, there's a very good chance that he desperately wants it to happen again, and to watch her with you. I'd suggest going for it!

  • I would love it if my wife would do this!!!

  • This reminds me of when I was younger. I worked on an oil rig and we worked 30 on, 30 off. The girl I was dating actually had another boyfriend who worked the opposite shift from me. We all three lived in the same house and for 30 days while I was on the rig, him and her would be together. Then we would change up and I would be with her for 30 days. We lived like this for about 4 years until she decided she wanted a child. She told me she wanted it to be the other guys baby, and I was cool with that. What I wasn't cool with was when I said we should have 2 kids, 1 his and 1 mine, and she said h*** no she was only having 1 kid. That's when I packed my bags and left. She tried for a while to get me to come back, but I had actually had enough anyway. She eventually found another guy to move in with them but from what I hear they fight all the time because the other guy doesn't work on the rig, so he's still there when her other boyfriend comes home. And me, I quit the rig and moved to a different city. Found me a day job 9-5 construction and I married a woman who wanted to have my kids. Now I live with my beautiful wife, two daughters and a son.

  • Like the old cliche says, ”With friends like that...who needs enemies?”

  • I guess if the husband didn't want his wife f****** someone else he should have stayed his ass at home with her.

  • It just shows the type of person she really is. And it works out best for the ex husband because now he can get rid of the trash in his life his so called friend and w**** of a wife.

  • It sounds like it worked out for everybody. Chill out!

  • Kind of like your w**** of a mom who was hanging off my d*** last night?

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