I can't take it anymore

I feel so pathetic waiting around for you all the time. Don't I mean anything to you? If I can sacrifice so much time for you, why can't you do the same for me? Why do you make it so difficult? Why to you continue to make broken promises then get mad at me for being frustrated and upset about it when this has been going on since we've met which was a year ago?!

If you are so busy, maybe you shouldn't be in a relationship. You f****** Mama's boy. She has you whipped and you can't even see that she is purposely keeping you in your pocket.

I'm so f****** mad I wish I could break up with you.

Mar 24, 2016

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  • I knew a guy like that once, right down to the part about being a mama's boy. He ended up raping me, then killing himself a couple of years later.

    Good times........

  • The guy you're with is non committal. You are just punishing yourself by staying. There's no urgency for him to change, because you're always there. You don't share the same views or wants in life, it's evident. It won't work in the long term, unless you are on the same page. It's one thing for a man to have a good relationship with his mother, but if he's a mama's boy it's a lost cause. And you say this has been going on for a year? Look at the past year, has anything changed? If a guy wants to be with you, they will make time for you. And it's true, if he is so busy then he shouldn't be in a relationship. Get really mad and believe that you deserve more. End it and move on now. Otherwise, you'll be feeling really pathetic when year 2, 3, 4 roll around and still nothing has changed. If you don't break up, you really can't complain because you're just accepting it. He's not changing..so you're the one that needs to make the choice for yourself. Do not waste years of your life on a relationship that's not happening.

  • I hope he breaks up with you. At least don't break his family.

  • Don't "wish" that you could break up with him. Just do it. You need a man. He's a p****.

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