I have a secret impregnation fetish

I think its so hot. I'm ovulating and super h**** and not on birthcontrol and my body is so ready to concieve. Id get pregnant so easily. If i find a man who wants to, i assure them Id be f****** begging for it. Like "Yes baby f*** yea! Mmmhmmm just like that. u feel how wet i am for u? C** in me baby pleaseee! YES! o--ohhhh my God! Yes yes yes now baby! (cuz i just came on ur throbbing hard c*** and can feel myself opening up to catch every last drop your about to give me) C** deep for me ! Give it to me! Mm harder! M-m-m-Make my belly swell!" and id want you to tell me "I'm gonna make you pregnant baby! Im cummin in that p**** and putting a baby in you. "(As you pick up the pace thrusting yourself deep inside me, in and out and in and out and INNNNN) as you grab my ass pulling yourself even deeper and with one last hard thrust, flood my fertile p**** with your potent seed making me pregnant. Im dripping wet thinking about it. Im so ready to feel that rush of warmth rush inside me as a man pumps my ripe womb full of potent seed. My p**** would milk his c*** for every last drop of hot thick potent c**, guiding it straight into my womb where my fertile egg will be waiting. And my belly will swell big and round And ill be marked his to breed whenever he want. And he could keep my young tight c*** full of c** and constantly pregnant for as long as I'm fertile.

Apr 2, 2016

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  • How many babies would you like to make 10-20 ?

  • I will give u the best time u ever had. Every thrust will be to get me ready to unload large amounts of milky white potent c** getting u preagnant. Every time u would look at are kid u would remember the s** i gave u if u want to have a baby reply and i will give u my contact info so i can unload my c** into u. Btw im a ready to go 18 year old with super potent c**

  • I would love to paint the insides of your fertile belly with my thick potent seed. H**** little b****** like you need to be bred multiple times so all your precious eggs are taken and fertilized. I will watch with love and pride as your little belly stretches, grows, and houses our strong babies for the next 9 months.

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