My boyfriends parents

That today after dating my boyfriend for over a year that his parents hate that I am over there all the time and it was never discussed with them. Yet for the past year my boyfriend has known and kept inviting me over, even after I've asked him (multiple times) why his mother is always such a B**** to me.

Apr 2, 2016

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  • Sounds as if you need to have a heart to heart with your boyfriend. Maybe he didn't want to upset or to deal with his parent's controlling ways. If you two love each other, make a pact not to allow anyone to come between you. This way, no matter how much disapproval they show, it will not affect your union. If they don't like you, stay away from them and take no disrespect. Let him deal with his folks.

  • So this really is between your boyfriend and his parents. It's their house, maybe they feel you two spend too much time together. Maybe his mom misses seeing him alone because you're always there. Idk..not being a parent, I can sort of relate as when I come home and my roommate's boyfriend is over, I get a bit annoyed too. It's not dislike, because he is a great guy. But the thought of doesn't he have his own place runs through my mind. But as a gesture to smooth this rough patch over, why don't you buy his parents a gift certificate to a nice restaurant or something. Not sure how much money you have to spend, but as a thank you for being hospitable to you. Since you've been dating for awhile and most likely will date awhile longer, you may want to show your appreciation that they have let you in their house and not booted you. I'm sure you've eaten dinner over there many times. Not sure if you've made any efforts on your visits to chat with his parents or if you stay for dinner help prepare and/or clean up..even if your boyfriend doesn't. Just something to think about. Maybe moving forward, you split your time between your house and his.

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