I steal my friend's sister's and mom's ** and bras

The first time was on a hot summer day a few years ago. It was just my friend and I chilling out playing games or something. I went to the bathroom. On the way I passed their laundry table thing and it was separated out into mens and womens (very convenient). I was only passing by when I saw his mother's bra on top of the pile. It was black and she has big **. I got hard looking at it. I picked it up and felt it then put it back and dug deeper. I found his little sisters lace thong. My ** almost exploded there and then. I found like 2 more thongs and a soft grey pair of his mom's briefs and ran into the bathroom and exploded into them. I kept one thong and the mom's bra. This has gone on for years and to other friend's sisters and moms too. I have quite the collection.

Mar 6

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Spanked naked!

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  • It's totally normal for males, straight btw, to be excited by the female smells. I started at about 10 yo smelling my older sister's undies. She got curious after looking for her missing clothes. I fessed up and she started leaving dirty ** for me.

  • You are a mammal. You are male I presume. You are normal. You are searching out and finding the female hormones and copulins she is producing. It is why we had relations 500,5000 and 10,000 years ago. Could you imagine what those females smelt like.? It is why we exist. It is why you are here. Enjoy and don’t get caught.

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