As i'm a junior in high school been wearing my maria sues blk silk pantys,bra, blk pantyhose since. I was in 7th grade because i was curious in wearing maria sues under garments as
I was curious to see how they felt on my body as. I hint it too maria sues as as maria sue. Wanted to play a game to find out. I was wearing her silk blk pantys ,bra ,pantyhose an clothing when maria sues gone . To work or out of the townhouse as I was as school for finals week mom called my cell phone an ad me if I wear her under garments some times I told her no. As mom caught me she ask me if. I want to play a good game of truth or dare as. I said yes as she said I see you later at home tonight at home as I was getting ready to leave to school to take my finals for 1 ,3,6 period classes as. I slip maria sues silk blk pantys an bra on as I painted my toes a hot candy apple red as they dryed I look for mom's blk shorts an pink shirt as they were dryed. I slip on maria sues nude pantyhose on as I rolled one leg an slip them on my toes to my ankles an up my legs to my thighs as I rolled up the other pantyhose leg an slip them over my toes to my ankles up my leg an up to my thighs as. I pull them to my waisted an strengthen them on my waisted as I slip on moms blk short on me as i pull moms lt pink shirt on me as. It look like mine as i I started walking to the kitchen. I saw maria sues my mom's hot pink clogs an islip them on my feet as. I slip both ankle straps on my ankles as. I finished breakfast. I clean up my dishes an left to school finals for first ,third,sixth,period as I started my finals as. I was leaving four of my peers how were the exact outfits. I was wearing it they said I like a guy wearing womens clothing as they smiled an said please wear the blk shorts an a red top tommorow for finals ok as I said yes to them as we all walk to are cars an drove off as. I got home mom was there as she had on the same outfit on as me she said you should watch out because. I place camera AL thur the house an. I know you were wearing my clothing as she said I know you have my silk blk pantys an bra set an nude pantyhose an blk shorts an pink top on as my hot pink clogs on so know on you an I will dress as mother an daughter not but about it as I said ok.

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  • I hope one of his finals wasn't in English composition.

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