I hate men---my reasons why

I enjoy very much watching circumcision videos in YouTube. The bloodier the better. The more screaming the better. I hate little boys and male babies. Seeing their small penises and b**** gets me very angry for some reason. I love seeing the sadistic doctors cutting away at their smelly uncut d**** while they scream b***** murder. I used to be a Dominatrix. Yes, I used together paid to hurt men. Very well, I might add! Surprisingly, I never overstepped their boundaries, and did exactly whatever sick fantasy they desired. I am also an ex escort. I have seen horrible things that men do, that no one should see. I get flashbacks sometimes. I just don't know what to do. When I was in that sordid "business," I self medicated using drugs and alcohol to take me to a different place. I am an extremely angry young woman. Us women are raised to respect men, and be "nice," and of course, there's that fairytale bullshit about meeting a prince to take you off to his castle & marry you. Well I have seen something much different in life, and these stories have no happy ending. These men cheat on their wives and girlfriends like crazy! It's really, really sad. I am bipolar and take meds everyday. I have felt suicidal more than once, and have been to psych hospitals before. Once, a client did something horrible to me, so I had myself locked away so I wouldn't kill him! I just wanted to give you some background on why I like to watch males getting cut. I see male kids on the train and want to hurt them. I know they'll grow up to be entitled men someday, and it enrages me. I won't go into detail what I'd do to them if I could. I don't want to go to prison, so I'd never do anything f***** up. Well, when I was 11, I grabbed a baby's crotch and pulled his diaper to one side to shame him. I have no idea why I did that at that age. I know I am sick beyond belief. I see a therapist but it's not enough. My anger is bad. I never used to be like this. I am traumatized from the adult industry and from being a rape survivor. I don't think I'll ever be the same girl I once was. Men have stolen that from me, and I hate them for it.


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  • U need help

  • F*** you

  • Every so often I find a post on this web-site that is absolutely mind blowing and this one gets 10 stars in my book. Nevertheless, I'm glad to see that, since age 11, you've managed to refrain from acting on your rage. Given your circumstance, I can understand why you would hate men. When I read some of the sick s*** that guys post on the internet it makes wonder if we're all a bunch of weirdos.

    When I was in community college I was kneed in the b**** by my girlfriend.s older sister so hard that she put me in the hospital. At the time, I couldn't understand why she would do something like that. However, over time I came to realize that my girlfriend's older sister was a rape survivor and she hated the fact that I was having s** with her younger sister, so she kneed me in the b**** because I represented a love possibility that was raped out of her two years earlier.

    Since that night the subject of abused women having violent thoughts
    towards male genitalia has been something that I've been curious about. Thanks for sharing!

  • Since you didn't like males in the first place why in the H*** did you become an escort girl?

  • I'm not the OP, a lot of women who have been raped or molested often find themselves engaged in risky and/or promiscuous behavior. Or the exact opposite. Where they revert inwards and don't let people in. The risky side I think it has a lot to do with self esteem and love and maybe control. It's not just black and white. It's survival. And a lot of times drugs and alcohol, self harm are involved. Glad the op is getting help. Rainn.org is also a great organization. You are a survivor. Keep going to therapy.

  • I can actually relate to this in some ways, except the baby and kid part.

  • Thank you! I am disgusted with my thoughts and feelings sometimes! I never used to be like this.. I really need help! I am the original poster..I went to therapy today and cried my eyes out! She said I have PTSD and flashbacks of trauma. Thanks for responding. It means a lot..

  • Good luck. I'd like to recommend a long period of no s** and after a while if you miss the s** take a deep long look at your fantasys and then see what you really want.

  • I think that you have more than bi-polar disorder as a diagnosis. You seem also to have a negativistic and/or anti social personality disorder. Why not share this post with your psychiatrist so that you can get the proper treatment? Take care now

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