I have a crush on my bff

I really love my bff she's been there for me for 6 years and where both 17. I'm saying like love love. Her smile completes me and so does her voice? I wanna tell her I'm falling for her but idk what to say /: I'm afriad she will judge

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  • Take the chance and tell her if you think that it will have a good outcome and your good relationship won't be changed by it. Could be the beginning of something nice.

  • Are you a male or female?

  • Whichever you are, you're in a world o' hurt if you can't figure THAT out.. Anyhow the point is that this poster's inquiry underscores the despicable liberalism that is out of control regarding society's values, morals & standards.. This li'l girl was raised to believe queerdom is acceptable behavior when in fact it is clearly a unnatural dynamic that should be shunned, disrespected & banned from society..

  • Hater^ Must be nice living in your judgy bubble.

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