I do not know what to do

Here is the deal, I have never lived with my parents before. I have always lived with my grandparents. When my father got out of jail he became really religious and found a very wonderful woman to marry. He told me about her and asked me if it was okay to do it and i said of course. So they had a house built and and soon i will go live with them. His wife has two sons,one 11 and one 15. I am 14. So there is a dilemma. the 15 year old one ( we ar going to call him tree for the purpose of privacy issues) and i are attracted to each other. We have never did it but i want to. My dad and stepmom are going out of town and bringing the 11 year old with them for a business trip. I think this is the perfect time to do it. There is a backstory to this so bare with me. One day when my parents were at the grocery store, which is 1 hour away , ( so they would have been gone for roughly 2 hours) Tree and i decided to bond and watch a scary movie ( we really did not know eachother then) so we were sitting on the couch and i jumped and accidentally scooted close to him. I said sorry and he said "no stay here" so i did , i had butterflies in my stomach. after the movie was over we went into his room to play video games . we were sitting on a bed. all of the sudden i he grabbed my hand and looked me straight in the eye and said "you are beautiful" i looked up at him and said " nobody has ever told me that" and then he said "that's a shame'' so then we started making out and we were going to do it but we heard our parents in the driveway so i ran to my room and acted like we didn't talk that whole two hours. so now my parents are going out of town and i feel like it is going to happen. What should i do and is this wrong.

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  • Disregard the fool below who is most likely a mistress of someone & believes all you are acting on is curiosity. They live in the stone age when all they had was self control.. We think you know better and are willing to either handle or prevent consequences of your actions. We support your decision whatever it is.

  • Do not take the advice who refers to your future step brother as " brother tree" What the f*** does that mean anyway? And who posts 3 times. What gave it away? The fact that you refer to her future step brother as a tree. Sure, you guys are curious. But just because your curious, doesn't mean it's always a good idea. You can both utilize self control. Will you be able to handle sleeping with him, it not working out and him dating other girls? Or you become pregnant and he doesn't want to marry you and your dreams of some perfect family will not happen. Don't be stupid.

  • Look, regardless of what anyone states in this forum, the attraction you & your brother tree have is part of nature & there is nothing wrong with the feelings you 2 are experiencing. Additionally, there is nothing wrong with you two making love as long as you are protected with birth control. Take care of that first..

  • I'm going to give your parents the benefit of the doubt here & not label them as ignorant or naïve.. In that case they may be more aware than you think of the mutual attraction present between you & tree.. That presumed, they are also aware that nature will prevail regardless of their authority.. With those premises in place, they decided to enjoy their plans with the boy & not worry about their [2] two possibly ripe with sexual desire, pubescent teens.. Clearly & conspicuously, the time that they are away leaving you 2 alone places you & tree on an examination for adulthood.. Before you & tree even start & BEYOND DISPUTE, CONTRACEPTION [birth control] should be procured.. Not next time & not 'it can't happen the first time'. FIRST. Moreover, you & tree may try to hide your natural feelings for each other however it will be easier for both of you to just be friendly & amiable when your parents are present.. A display of mutual friendship & getting along will indicate your maturity & compatibility to leave alone while they are away with the boy.. Above all, don't worry ; beyond dispute it is only futile when we try to deny nature.. At this point in your lives, nature is pretty well dictating the behavior of both you and tree.. Be prudent with your decisions..

  • Have to ask why are you in such a rush to do it? You meet him and decide that you're going to do it? Doesn't anyone date anymore? Regardless, even though you are not related by blood, it could be come a pretty sticky situation for you guys to date while living under the same roof. Because of your age, you two would most likely not be mature enough to carry on as though nothing happened if it didn't work out between you two. You are going to be related by marriage for a long time now. Maybe when you are both out of high school and out of the house and you still are entertaining feelings of dating one another, you can see if it works then. But right now... you both should date other people who go to your school.

  • It's clear she is clueless & doesn't understand how nature works regarding 2 pubescent teens alone together.. Furthermore, she gives you absolutely no credit at all for your ability to deal with this or your mutual feelings with tree.. DISREGARD the words above.. They are unrealistic at best..

  • Don't do what you believe is wrong. This person you're attracted to is you step-brother now. It only confuses things and stuff could get even worse if you get pregnant. Stick with your non-relative s** partners. Be well

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