Stella. They're lesbians, Stella.


This isn't really a confession its just something on my mind at the moment. My girlfriend Cindy and I, I'm Hannah by the way, met freshman year in high school. We came from a very small town. The kind of place were when someone paints their house or gets s new mail box its big news.

We joked that Cindy and I were the only two gay people in a fifty mile radius. Probably not true but that's what it felt like.

We planned to head to the big city after graduation. I think our parents hoped we would grow out of that idea but we didn't. I wanted to be somewhere where I could hold her hand in public and not worry who saw us.

We moved to New York, with a lot of help from Cindy's parents. Mine had declared that they weren't going help me go somewhere where I could go to gay pride parades or get raped and killed. Don't judge them too harsh, they came around in time. They were just worried about me.

We moved into the smallest studio apartment I'd ever seen. We got jobs and turned into compleat hermits. We were too afraid to go out in the city. The thought of trying to meet NEW YORK lesbians intimated us. Two Podunk girls vs. sophisticated big city lesbians wasn't something we could handle at the time.

We went to work and stayed in all the time. This went on for about six months. We were fighting a lot. Something we never did before. We agreed the something had to change. One day when we were at the market Cindy saw an ad posted for dance lessions. She decided we were doing it. I pointed out that I have no rhythm at all. I'm the whitest white girl on the dance floor you will ever meet. She said we're doings it. I could step on her feet all I wanted. Plus it was cheep and not far from where we lived.

Are first night at dance class there was us and two other couples. So there we are, two 19 year old gay girls, and two others couples in there 80's in a community center rec room.

This vary sweet little old lady patted Cindy's knee and asked, "are your boyfriends on the way?" I was about to say maybe this was a bad idea when the other woman said, "Stella. They're lesbians, Stella."

Five years later that line has become a running joke between Cindy and I whenever we see others lesbian couples.

Mirim, the other woman, and Stella have been best friends for almost 60 years. They took us under their wing and helped us figured out how to move around the city without freaking out.

A few weeks after we met them was Thanksgiving. When they found out we were just going to spend it in our refrigerator box apartment they invited us to dinner and didn't take no for an answer.

One of Miriam's great granddaughter's is gay. She helped us find our place in a community.

I'm writing this in a doctors office waiting for Stella to get out. Don't worry, she's fine. I'm pretty sure those two will out live us all.

I am so grateful for God, or fate, the universe, or whatever it was that made our lives cross paths. I could write a book on these two. There is so much I want to say about our friendship with them but this post is already really long.

Cindy and I love these two ladies and there husbands from the bottom of our hearts. They changed our lives, and we are better people because of it.

Thats how two scared gay girls from Nebraska bacame the adopted granddaughters of two of the sweetest Jewish couples ever.

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  • Lovely story :)

  • I love this. It's funny how a chance meeting can alter our lives. I'm sure you and Cindy have brought joy to their lives as well.

  • Aww, this is so cute

  • Awww :-) love this

  • Have you thought about writing about them and your friendship? A blog maybe or try and write a book. They sound like great ladies. I can't imagine having a friend whos been around for 60 years. They have lived through much history together.

  • Awww. Lovely story. It was fate that you met them. Funny how things turn out. Tell Stella to hurry up and get better soon!

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