Biding their time

I think my parents have become one of those couples who are only together unti their last kid gets out if high school. She has one year left. I wouldn't be surprised if the sigh the papers the same day she gets her diploma.

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  • If that happens, then you should thank them for what they did for you and your siblings, when you were young. ... These days, that level of commitment is so rare. Most morons get married and have kids, (or no marriage, and just s**** and breed like pigs,) because it's just something to do. Then, they get bored and just divorce, because "Hey, s**** my kids. I've got my own life, and I want to party!" ... Your parents deserve your thanks and respect.

  • Why don't you discuss how you feel with your parents? You might find it an eye opening experience.

  • I'm sorry to hear it. I know that must be difficult to contemplate, and to be in the midst of. I hope things improve, for you, your siblings, and your parents.

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