Ronny you made it

Your grandmother didn't love you and she made it obvious by beating the s*** out of you. Instead she showered her love and affection on your cousin who also lived with her.

I don't know your whole story. You apparently had an absentee father and your mother was so p*** poor she couldn't take care of you. When she visited your grandmother I ofter heard her yelling at you and sometimes slapping you loud enough to be heard across the street.

You were seven and I was a twelve-year-old boy and I didn't like you either. Always coming over to see my grandmother when I was there and getting into things that were none of your business. Like the a****** that a lot of older boys can be when a younger kid is around I hit you too.

Dammit Ronny I'm sorry I did that. You got hit at home and when you came to my grandmothers house you got hit there too.

Ok so my grandparents move several miles away. I never hear of you or about you until many years into my retirement age I decide to look you up.

You weren't hard to find. You moved to the city and there you found a job with a fuel company. You have your own place, you get married and do well for your self. You ended up in a city several hundred miles away and you retire.

Looking at your information you have children, grandchildren and a good decent wife who has stuck with you through thick and thin.

Congratulations Ronny you did great in fact better than I did or those a******* including myself whose goal in life seemed to be to make you as miserable as possibly.

Good job.

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