I threw a rock at a kid I didn't like

He was at my grandfathers farm and he was one of the worst pests I have ever known. He would come over while I had friends over and do and say stupid things. He was five years younger than me so like a lot of kids with younger brat brothers you can understand. Wed tell his ass to go home but he would refuse.

On my grandfathers farm there was the source of a small creek and sometimes I would go there and catch crawdads and salamanders etc. The kids name was Ronny and he was there at this creek.

I was with my cousin who shared my dislike of this kid and when I saw Ronny trying to catch some creek animals I picked up a rock and casually tossed it in his direction. As luck would have it the rock missed him but hit the water directly in front of his face. He didn't know I had thrown the rock and wasn't expecting this.

Of course his face was drenched and he was mad. Being the little a****** that he was he couldn't do anything about it. He left and I suppose he was a bit scared.

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