I broke his nose

Im 17 (f) and my boyfriend cheated on me with my best friend. At first i was sad and crying. I didnt even move for about a minute. Then when he said "baby girl i can explain" i told him where he could put his apologizes and punched him. It was our aniversory so i got him a sunflower with a pretty vaze but when i started to get angry i threw it at his head. i broke his nose,bruised his rib and cut his lip open. Is what i did wrong?

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  • We do live in a world of equality. You can answer your own question by just keeping this in perspective. Now, invert the entire scenario with you being unfaithful, him punching you, throwing a vase, breaking your nose rib & lip, etc.. If you don't feel that would be the wrong behavior to perpetrate upon you, then we can talk further however I firmly believe the man should have a scumbag like you locked up as a violent threat to society.

  • You'll get Urs eventually....

  • In legal terms, it's called "assault and battery". If a guy pulled a stunt like this he would be criminally prosecuted. So yes! What you did was wrong......

  • A little overkill, but definitely justified.

  • It was definitely a bit harsh, breaking his nose was fine but if you just smashed that vase it was a waste.

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