I like him but can't tell him..

I'm literally confused what to do..
The person I like is my best friend's ex-boyfriend.. This is problem number1.. Problem number 2 is I don't know what is there in his head about me & I eagerly wants to know it... The 3rd one is he still feels for his ex...
Umm at present he is also my friend but I've feelings for him
I don't know what will he answer both sides carry a problem..
& I don't even want my friendship to be ruined.. & I even think that they breakup is because of me......
Now what to do? Please help me out.
Thank you

Apr 28, 2016

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  • Okay, sure you could tell this guy how you feel and you date and you remain best friends with your best friend. But sometimes it doesn't work out that way because of unresolved feelings. You also have to think about how you would feel if you broke up with a boyfriend and your best friend immediately went to him and told him what you want to tell this guy. Would you be okay with it? If you tell him, just be prepared, you may not like what his answer. What happens if he tells your best friend about your confession? So you may end up all by yourself. I still don't completely understand why your best friend dumped him. Because she has doubts about you liking him? Are you guys in middle or high school?

  • Okay.. I got it
    This all started in 2june, I first met him at my best friend b'day party & we enjoyed (in July).. Now from July till December my best friend talked to him as his partner in love & then suddenly stopped..
    Then in end of December I came in & tried for their patch up but my best friend got someone else... & just had given silly excuse about his ex & started playing with the present boyfriend....
    Now in between the person she dumped became my friend & he started blaming me that I should have helped him earlier so that he might dump her before her step
    This is a very long story I can't even confess & I can't even talk him like frnds..
    If he doesn't text me for 1 single day I get worried.... I'm literally helpless in this situation bt thanks alot..

  • He's unavailable. You said he still has feelings for his ex (your best friend)? So why bother? You'll end up losing both of them. Unless it's a risk you are willing to take.

  • Umm..
    Bt my best friend said that she dumped him just because she have a doubt about me liking him(his boyfriend).. As this one is true bt ... I just want to confess him orr else my mind will blast

  • Then you have your answer. Tell him.

  • BT how how will he react, your 1st comment was correct BT i have to take this that I can't confess him.....
    But yrr how to talk to him as friend..I'm in touch with him since 2014dec till date... I controlled my feelings BT now its impossible
    2days ago only he confessed that he still love his ex
    & when I asked my best friend that what was her reason (is it me that I like him) she said that she thought I liked him but never ever tried to told me just because I asked her she replied...
    I can't even leave him & can't even get him.
    BT thanks for your help..

  • Ur f*****

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