Wwe ruined childhool TMNT 2

Ya know as a kid that grew up in the 1980s TMNT was great and when the trailer for TMNT 2 aired during the super bowl I was excited to see a piece of my childhood on screen.. Until now I just saw the newest trailer for this trash can film, How hard is it to do CGI characters the right way come on this is BULLSHIT they gave CGI Rocksteady sheamus's stupid irish accent it makes me wanna stand up and chant "you look stupid" everytime that idiot appears on screen be it CGI or not..and bebop was given a white guys voice played by a Black guy.. please for the love of god Michael bay PLEASE RETIRE. STOP MAKING MOVIES your fans hate you leave the tmnt franchise alone haven't you butchered enough movies JUST QUIT and f*** you to wwe for trying to use movies to get that red headed nobody over, if you agree with me leave a comment if youre a troll then f*** off.

Apr 30, 2016

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  • Who let the autistic 12 year old in here?

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