I guess it serves me right

Ok so after 5 yrs of marriage i decide i'm going to cheat on my loving - but boring - wife. so i go to this nice hotel downtown where i know there are working girls at the large bar. i spot one who is eyeing me from across the bar area, i buy her a couple drinks while chatting. i tell her i'm married. she tells me she's only working not looking for a relationship. we talk more and drink more and i actually start to like her and want to get with her. she tells me to go get a room and i do. she actually blows me in the elevator on the way upstairs. we walk in the room and she pushes me against the back of the door and finishes the bj and she is spectacular. we get in the bed and she insists we leave the lights off. we hold each other for a while and then she blows me again long enough to get me good and hard and then she mounts me in a reverse cowgirl, which somehow she knows is my favorite position. so she gets me off and i mean OFF. we relax for a while and have another drink from the mini-bar with the room still dark. we hold each other under the sheets again and then she asks me to go down on her. i think again how she knows the things i love and eating p**** is near the top of that list. so down i go as she spreads her legs open to me. only then do i realize she has a c***. a big c***. a HUGE c***. i balk and i start to get sick to my stomach. i fall back on the bed and sort of freak. she was incredibly nice about it and apologized profusely. she said she assumed i knew what she was since almost all of the men who come on to her can sense it. she gave me her phone number as i left and told me to call her anytime if i decided i wanted to "walk on the wild side" (i may be the only man alive who didn't know what that phrase meant until that night). i guess this is what i get for deciding to cheat in the first place. but now i have found myself starting to think about this very beautiful girl (that's still how i think of her) more and more and i sometimes even drive by the hotel and think about going inside to see if she's there. i don't know if i could perform now knowing what i know and worrying the whole time........does this make me gay? or does it just make me a horrible husband? or both?

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  • I agree with the others who said that you've already fallen for this girl. That's not surprising because t-girls have a better understanding of the male psyche and of the male anatomy: remember, they're male. So they all just seem to know how to manipulate us and push our buttons, both physical buttons and psychological buttons. I think you're more than just h**** for this girl: I think you hunger for her in every way. Five years ago, this would have been a reason to fear. Now, with gay marriage being legal, I think you're fearful that by falling for this girl, you will wind up leaving your family and marrying this girl. It's legal now. So enjoy her. Love her. Marry her. I think you want ALL of that.

  • Please tell me you wrapped up before you stuck it in her ass?

  • HA! HA! HA! That's what you get for walking on the wild side.......

  • If you're already cruising the place where you know she'll be, then inevitably you will be back with her again. However, I think that's a good thing for both you and her, because you both obviously enjoyed one another immensely and she obviously wants to see you again. Don't think of the relationship -- or that night -- as an indicator of your sexuality: yes, you are sexual, but you aren't necessarily one thing or the other. You're simply a man who was pleased repeatedly by another person of deep sexuality and who seems to intuitively know your needs. You should go back to her. Enjoy her. And this time.......let her enjoy you.

  • I agree with ^this^. In fact I'll go a step further: I think you're already in love with her.

  • I had the same thought. He fell in love that night. Can't stop thinking about her.

  • So when she mounted you you didn't feel any b****?

  • No, she got on facing away from me, and when she took me up her ass (which I thought was her p****) her b**** weren't in immediate contact with me, and when she started riding and grinding I couldn't feel them and they weren't banging. She was really skilled and f***** me really well, so I had no idea until I went down on her. If the room lights had been on, I would have seen her c*** when she was moving in the bed or when she mounted me. I guess I was too h**** to notice.

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