I have confessed before but here is my biggest sexual fantasy and I feel the need to confess. My beautiful neighbor is frequently outside with a very skimpy bikini on every sunny day. I've never had the nerve to approach but I frequently m********* privately in the garage or storage shed. Then one day there is a knock on the door at the end of summer. It's my fantasy neighbor and she knows what I've been doing. She slowly gets undressed to neighbor are and panties and tells me to strip. I can't believe what is happening and I immediately do so. She is excited to see I have already gotten an erection. "You like this don't you" she says and I nod with approval. She says "let's have fun" and puts me an blindfold. I feel her slowly stroking my throbbing c*** and I'm about to explode. I hear another voice and she ties my hands behind my back. I'm getting concerned but really into full ecstasy. She takes off my blindfold and one of her friends is stroking me now. The beautiful woman neighbor is masturbating in front of me, but tells me "do not c** or you will be sorry." I don't know exactly what she means but I can't control it much longer. Her friend strokes me harder and harder and I close my eyes because I can't handle the visual effects of her touching herself. She says open your eyes wimp! I open my eyes and totally explode. Her friend stops stroking and holds my erection firmly upright, then my beautiful neighbor repeatedly bashes my testicles until I fall to the floor. Now I am at their full mercy and the whole process starts over again. When I have completely run dry they threatened to cut off my b**** if I do not bring them both to o*****. I try my hardest to get it back up but cannot after so many ejaculations. They put the knife oser and I'm petrified. They abuse my privates excessively but take the knife away. "Are you ever going to j*** off again while I am sunbathing?" She ask and I promise to never even look. "You p****" they reply while laughing and leaving me totally spent on my kitchen floor. Strangest fantasy I have ever had but there you have it-am I crazy or thinking unhealthy??


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  • Fantasy not fancy!

  • I know it's just a crazy fancy but oh I can just picture it happening is given the opportunity. You have to give credit for honesty!

  • LOL BOTH!!!!!

  • Yes, you are both crazy and thinking unhealthy.

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