Halloween embarrassment

My girlfriend's bestie was having a Halloween party with about 30 people there. I got all stoned and h**** so I snuck down the hallway and into her room. I found a pile of clothes on the floor and grabbed a red thong out of the pile. I went into the bathroom next door , locked the door and started to sniff her panties. I pulled my c*** out and started stroking. I was just about to c** when I heard "what the f*** are you doing"? I froze. She must have came in the other door from her bedroom. I said "sorry", dropped the thong on the counter, zipped up my pants and ran out of there. I hid from her the rest of the night. I figured she would tell my girlfriend.
It was getting late, most of the guests had left, my girlfriend had already crashed in the spare room. I went outside to smoke one last joint. When I came in Pam was standing there. She had her red thong in her hand and said "here you can have these". I took them from her and said thanks, put them in my pocket then went to the spare room to join my g/f in bed. We woke and left before anyone else got up.
On Wednesdays she comes over to our place for games night. I was dreading having to face her again. Monday I get an email from her with a vid attached. It was her masturbating with a pink lacey pair of panties on. The vid was about 2 mins long, no title or sound to it.
Wednesday comes and i am in the kitchen cooking dinner, my g/f is still at work for another hour when I hear the front doo open. Its Pam and she is way early. I was s***** my pants, I hope she didn't bring the weekend up. I mixed her a drink as usual then she dropped the bomb. She said she wanted her red thong back. I said ok, went up to my room and brought it back down and handed it to her. She set it on the kitchen counter in front of her. She turns and goes to the main floor powder room. She walks back into the kitchen with the pink lace panties from the vid in her hand and say" I just took these off, you can have this pair if I can watch you get off with then right now". I take them from her. She sits on a stool and says "well"? I pause for a moment then bring them to my nose. They were warm and wet! I got into a zone, I pulled my c*** out closed my eyes and started sniffing and stroking. I open my eyes to look at her and she has one hand down the front of her pants playing with herself. I am over the top super h**** now stroking my c*** faster. She pulls her hand out and licks her fingers, time for me to explode....I grabbed the red thong from the counter and shot my load into them. My legs are shaking and I feel light headed from such an intense o*****. She goes to a drawer in the kitchen and grabs a zip lock baggie and puts the red thong in it then sticks it in her purse. She just said "that was so hot" when my g/f goes through the door home from work. Needless to say Pam and I exchange her panties every Wednesday before game night.

Dec 29, 2020

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  • How old are you sweetheart

  • 55 years old

  • Describe Pam. Her age is ?
    Big t*** ? Hairy bush ?

  • 49, 36DD shaved clean....too bad i can't post pics here

  • I want to impregnate Sarina with 3 babies.

  • Lucky lucky man.

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