I hate little boys

I am ashamed to say this but I hate little boys. I hate male babies too. I think they are ugly and disgusting. I love YouTube because it has videos of male brats being circumcised. Most of the videos are very graphic and b*****, of course. I get angry looking at their uncircumcised worm like peenusses and smelly b****. I love hearing them cry and scream and seeing their faces contort in agony. The beginning of the video usually shows them smiling, but that doesn't last long. I look at the comment section beneath the videos and notice that many other people say nasty things about the little turds. I want to bite and squeeze their peenusses. I'd love to circumcise boys for a living! I am both a s***** and m******** by nature. I love giving pain and getting it. Recently, something appalling happened. Some stupid woman changed her baby boys dirty filthy diaper right near me! That made me so angry. I didn't show it, of course, and snuck a few peeks of his peenus here n there. She apologized but I was enraged deep inside. Men have done bad things to me in my life regarding S** and I am very angry about this. I assume that's why I hate all males, regardless of age. I hate men because they do terrible things in the name of S**. Rape, sexual assault, see prostitutes, f*** animals, etc. All to get off sexually. This makes me livid. They'll risk it all for the hopes of their stupid, oh so important o*****. Sickos. I never hated lil boys n babies before. Now I have dreams of hurting toddlers. I would never have a baby! I can see why parents abuse their kids! I'm overjoyed with my dog. I prefer my dogs company then most humans. In closing, I think I'll watch some circumcision videos soon this afternoon. I curse at the ugly lil babies and young boys when they cry like lil b******. They'll just grow up to be evil men anyways.

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  • I feel the same way (except i dont watch the circumcision videos) something very bad happend to you repeatedly when a child so now you have some deep seeded anger towards boys. that was my issue my brother got all my attention and i was sexually abused.=hate em theyre alwys so silly dirty and stupid

  • You might be a sociopath...

  • You've posted this before and I believe you are a troll going for shock value.

  • No, Sir, I have never ever told anyone else about this recurring fantasy I have. I know there is something f***** in the head wrong with me. I have no idea where those sick fantasies came from originally. I need to be psychoanalyzed!! I did squeeze a 6 year old’s peenus against his wil when I was about 11. It felt incredible. The power. Revenge. Trauma I would hopefully leave him. Men are inherently evil and need to be punished for the rape/humiliation/disrespect of the very creatures who brought us into the wrorld (women)!

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