My Sick (?) Fantasies (You decide)...

I want to have my revenge on males. I'd start with a baby boy. I hate the lil f****** with a passion! I loathe their lil smelly, ugly testes and peenusses. I get so angry when I have the displeasure of seeing them nude. All I can think about doing is punching their b**** and squeezing and biting their peenusses. I love to watch the Muslim forced circumcision videos on YouTube. They anger me seeing their naked bodies and hearing them scream and cry. The videos don't anger me because a (sadistic) man is hurting the lil f******, I get angry because I'm not the one doing it. I sure wish I was! I'd wake up every morning and think "I'm going to really hurt some poor lil m************ kids and babies today!" I would love my job. I hate toddlers too. I have always wanted to trip one "accidentally" when I am walking down the street. Oops! Again, they need to be tortured, but maybe a wee bit more than the stinking rotten male babies because they are bigger. Those foul little b****** scream like little girls when they are "in pain.." Its music to my ears in one sense, but it makes me feel quite violent in the other. I would hang them upside down by their legs and play hit the piñata little boy b****! There's more I would love to do to them but it's too graphic to write here. I'm sure you can imagine. I don't hate teenage boys, really. For some reason, it's just little ugly brat b**** babies and toddlers. Ever hear of the genre called "hurt Core?" Well if not, google it. I would love to see some of those videos! Maybe I could star in a film as an evil sadistic female and demolish the (male) little spawns of Satan! That would be fantastic! I would do it for free too; just the twisted looks on their lil ugly faces as I'm torturing them would be enough for me.. Aaah what wonderful fantasies I have!

Nov 8, 2016

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  • When I see infants all I can think about sitting on their stomachs and bouncing on them in my soft corduroy pants would love to feel belly pop under me .I have crushed a lot animal I find stay dogs and ride them until I break their back then turn them over and bounce on them .

  • Tryhard edgelord cringy psycho-b****. Kill yourself.

  • I'd like to shove a red hot poker up your ass. Well that's my fantasy anyways.

  • ........sick f***...........................

  • Stupid obsessive absurd fantasy. See a psychiatrist. Your sick. You said so yourself.

  • Troll.

  • My wife is my s** toy but gee I wish I knew who you were. I would tie your hands above your head such that you were in tippy toes and strip you and whip you. Then I'd let you down and f*** you and you would simply say "Thank you Sir" and if you didn't then I'd winch you up again and whip you again. This would continue until your rebelliousness was gone. Then you would do our housework and washing and ironing.

  • That you are so fixated on this subject, coming here to post about it again and again. That pure sociopathic tendencies are right in your own subject line. That no one, absoluetely no one, shares in your delusion. What are these? You can't seem to get it, so let's spell it out. Reasons to seek help. You are terrifying, and that is not a compliment, not meant to flatter or indulge or encourage you. I am genuinely concerned for the well-being of anyone who knows you. There is a taint in your soul, but you can heal and feel much better for it by walking away from it now. Talk to someone. I don't want ever want to read about you in the news.

  • Huh huh... you said taint

  • There was a man sent to jail here just a few days ago. He had punched and kicked his young child so much that their intestines had split and poo had gotten into their body cavity and basically they poisened them selves.

    To me what you esposuse is like that man.

    How really really sad.

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