My best friend: curious

It happened. No lies we did it. My best friend makinzie was great. We were 14 and she didn't know i was bi. I though about her a lot. I masturbated to thoughts of her. My favorite fantasy was doing it at school. It was after school and she had wore white jeans that day. It had rained the day before so it was muddy. We trippped in mud and threw it at each other like the idiots we were. She had mud all over her white jeans. We went to the bathroom so she could change. I called her a dirty girl being the inappropriate kids we were we laughed. But i got wet saying that. While she was changing i peeked under the stall. I saw b***. Heart beating fast i scrambled away. But she saw me. She told me to get in here in a stern voice. She dominated me. She opend the door and roughly pulled me in by my b******. I moaned liking it rough. She closed the stall door clicking the flismy lock in place. She ripped my shirt of while saying she owned me. I only moaned makinzie over and over. She stuck a hand in my pants and said this v***** was hers. I told i was virgin and oral only. She put her foot down and slapped me. She told i was hers and she was in control. She fingered me tell there was blood on my thighs while saying she owned ne. I loved it. I loved having her in control now though it is embarrassing i am her submissive s***.

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