S** with dad

I'm a 17 year old girl. I live in Ontario Canada. I grew up with both my biological parents. lately Ive been having sexual fantasies about my dad (real dad not step dad). I know its wrong and taboo but thats kind of what makes it so hot for me. I want to try things with him, but im way too shy and scared to even attempt it. Ive read other confessions of dad/daughter relationships, and ive watched some p*** as well. Although i dont think the p*** was very authentic. Do other girls have these fantasies too (i know SOME do) ? And do dads ever fantasize about f****** their teenage daughters ? i want him inside me so bad.

May 12, 2016

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  • You need professional help... it's one thing calling someone daddy, another altogether them actually being your daddy

  • S** between family members is a great thing

  • That s*** is disgusting! If u want a good d*** just call over someone! He is ur father!

  • It's not disgusting at all.

  • How's it going? Any progress?

  • Walk around naked and when he sees you, he won't be able to take his eyes off you. Then jut say you forgot he was home.

  • I agree with the comment below dress sexy rub ur ass against him things lik that

  • Yes u need to act very sluttish in front of him especially when he has a few drinks it would help if u could sneak a v***** n his drink

  • Yea you would have to make all the first moves... He will probably feel really awkward at first but once he knows its all good and safe n that YOU want it, he might give in easier. But nah we wouldn't make the first move on our daughter. They would have to either tell me straight up or do something that I know what you want.

  • U need to find a boy to eat u out and f*** u 5 times a day

  • Haha virgin

  • Yes, just let him catch you naked sometime and tease him a lot and maybe he'll f*** your brains out.

  • I like the way you think. Have you done incest

  • What on earth is wrong with you people??? seriously!!! I think these comments are all BS and made up crap from f******

  • Makes me wonder what it is you're doing here ? Like you dont just "magically" come across incest forums. What the f*** are you doing reading it ? and not only reading it, but continuing on to read the comments , and THEN taking the time to even lip off about it. At least Im real about my situation. God knows what the heck YOU do in your spare time..

  • Absolutely agree!

  • Yes, a lot of daughters are curious and look up to their daddy. Sometimes more than they should...lol. And Yes, some Fathers think about their daughters too. After all we as humans are wired to think about s**, especially taboo s**. It's the Curiosity/Forbidden factor coming into play. A good father doesn't let it happen no matter what...Ever. Not even when both are adults and of age. If you love your dad you should not act on it either. If it happens he will hate himself forever and maybe even kill himself even if he knew you wanted it. Or if someone found out about you two your good old dad would be in jail, his life would be ruined, he would end up alone and lose all his friends/family, and lots lots more. However, your step dad is another thing altogether. Go for it. That is Unless he raised you since you were very young. It's just a girl and guy thing then especially if you wait till your of age. Imagine your poor mom going down on her hubby and she's forced to taste her own daughter's s**...lol

  • I'm a dad but never had s** with my gorgeous daughter. Yes I thought about it alot but there's one problem. WE START THINKING ABOUT JAIL TIME. Most young girls m********* alot and think about s** all the time. In my opinion, if your dad is smart enough to educate you on life and by all means not get you pregnant, then you have to make the first move. I'm not talking about giving him hints because we are still thinking about JAIL. You have to be straight up with him. Tell him the truth about how you feel and what your desires are. You will have the most passionate lover ever that loves you more than anything in this world. Eventually you will grow up and move on but with some good knowledge about s**. Also one happy dad.

  • He might be embarrassed to act on his desires? I would be if my daughter came on to me.

    Keep it light and flirty. Tease him, ignore him. Make him think about you...maybe even flash your bra or panties...

  • Of course hel b embarrised but seeing a young hot little girl up 4 it will make any man act

  • Oh yea then make him go to jail .. Great plan and that's really gross

  • If nobody tells, nobody goes to jail.

  • I can be your daddy if you want

  • Gotta love these comments eh ? Like absolutely zero thought or effort into saying ANYTHING remotely worthwhile. Like what do you expect the result of your comment to be ? Im gonna be all like "OMFG YES!! , a NEW daddy !!..let me just pack my bags and move in with a stranger who lives god knows where and ive never even met"

    honestly If people are going to just comment stupid bullshit like that Ill find another form of outlet for ACTUAL discussions and useful advice. If you're just hear to w*** off like a pervert , theres other f****** places to go. This is MY LIFE a****** ..not your delusional fantasy, "Daddy" !! Loser

  • --Not alot to talk about yet. My dad and I watched "friends with benefits" together the other night. I wore these super tight booty shorts that might as wel have been painted to my ass. No panties underneath. and a short top that showed off my belly. ( i have the cutest belly button ring that dangles down). I cuddled up as close to my dad as i possibly could. I tried purposely pressing my b**** into him. I held his hand and brought it to my thigh and rested it there. When some of the scenes starting getting hot, I noticed him VERY lightly caressing my leg. I dont know if he did it consciously but it was soo subtle. My p**** was on fire ! I wanted so badly for him to just touch me more, but he seemed to get uneasy and switched positions and went to the other end of the couch. I didnt know what to do so I put my feet across his lap, and as i moved my foot across his lap, I SWEAR he had a b****. I let my feet rest there, and i wanted to start massaging him through his pants with my feet, but i didnt have the nerve. Today after school i went to my room and after watching some p*** I started to finger myself. no one was home so i wasnt worried too much. As i was playing, I heard my dad come in and call out if anyone was home. I stayed quiet but then realized he was going to come upstairs and check if I didnt answer. I already had my jeans off, so I decided to just pretend i was sleeping. I heard him come up the stairs, I had a crazy idea and I kicked my blankets off and just laid there half naked on the bed with my legs slightly spread.

  • ... My heart was pounding and i ALMOST covered up. Then I heard him reach my door so I just lied there with my eyes closed. he opened the door and said" (name) are you .." Then he just froze. I didnt hear my door close, so i knew he was still standing there. I sensed him walk over to the bed and I KNOW he was taking a good look at me. I wondered if he could see how soaking wet i was. after what seemed like eternity, I felt him come closer to the bed and my heart almost exploded. but he just covered me up and left the room. When I was sure he was gone I masturbated soo good and i had an o***** in like 2 minutes thinking of him. I just love him so much and I want us to be as close as we ever possibly can. I dont know how to make my next move. I just know that i want this REALLY bad.

  • 9i. Wish you were my dau. I am strokin thinking about you

  • You have sparked his curiosity. When I gave the massage to my daughter I was conflicted but let it happen. Keep doing what you are doing. Then have fun.

  • If your athletic, complain of your back hurting and ask for a massage. Do it wearing a robe or something after a shower. Wear only panties under the robe. That is how I finally got seduced. Good luck.

  • By your dad?

  • Can you tell me more about your story ? are you a dad ? is it still going on ? Can you tell me how everything sort of went down..did you say anything to each other at the time ? I still havent made a move on my dad yet

  • I am a dad but I haven't even thought about that kind of thing with my daughter. I guess if you have the urge then either act on it or walk away.

  • Yes I am a Dad. My daughter was athletic and we talked about everything together. Eventually talks did get sexual but it was her asking for advice. Once she turned 18 she asked for a massage because her leg muscles hurt from working out. As I was giving her a massage she slightly spread her legs and things progressed from there.

    During the act of s** we didn't talk much. We where very into the s** itself. We talked afterwards because I felt guilty as h***. But she assured me it was her wanting to have s** with me for a long time. We did have s** on and off for a while. Then she fell in love and we stopped. Yes we still talk almost every day. We just don't talk about that too often. She is in another state now and has her own family.

  • Thanks for the response. Im going to try asking my dad for a massage now lol. I read about other girls crawling into bed with their dad at night , saying they had a bad dream or something, but to me that just seems way too awkward. Tonight I plan to watch a movie as it will be just Dad and I at home (moms going to bingo so i know exactly how much time we have to be alone. i want to try to cuddle up to him and wear something sexy. He sometimes lets me drink a beer or 2 if mom isnt around so im totally going to use that to my advantage. If I go too far and he gets weirded out I can just be like Jamie Foxx and "blame it on the alcohol" lol. I'm trying to find a movie with some really good s** scenes. I want to see how he reacts when Im cuddled up close to him. I plan on making it obvious that im turned on.

  • I think it'should GREAT that you are doing this, and I hope it works for you! If you want to seduce your dad and f.uck him, GOOD FOR YOU! Enjoy it!

  • I recommend Basic Instinct or Friends With Benefits. Both are good.

  • Sounds like a good plan. Good luck. Let me know how it goes. If it doesn't happen tonight. It eventually will.

  • Honestly, I'm a dad of a teenage girl. I have fantasized about her. It's normal for people to want the taboo. The unobtainable. But it's wrong. Fantasies are just that. Fantasy. And should stay that way. If anything, find a boyfriend and play it out with him. Besides, think of how bad it would crush your mother if she found out... :|

  • But why not live out my fantasy ? isnt life all about making your dreams come true or w/e bullshit ? I would much rather regret something I DID rather than something I didnt do. And a bf isnt the same turn on at all. has your daughter ever shown any interest in you or made any hints towards anything ?

  • Why not just talk to him about your feelings instead of all these sneaky ideas? I think it would be best for both of you with far less guilt if you both could discuss your thoughts and where you want your relationship to go.

  • "Desires will always let you down."

  • Tommy M*********** Victor

  • I wanna chat with you.....msg me on awsomerobin666@gmail.com

  • Im only willing to discuss things on this site as it is anonymous

  • Incest is one of my biggest turn ons

  • Well thats why I'm here silly !

  • I do. I've seen my dad's c*** and I want nothing more than it deep inside my p****.

  • Im a dad and have fantasized about my daughter as well

  • Any progress or anything ?

  • Can you tell me how you were able to see it ? have you tried anything with him

  • Anything happened since!? :)

  • No Im too scared to try anything. Was looking for advice from people in similar situations. I know men are always into s** and can be easily seduced, but this isnt something that can be so obvious. i dont even know where to begin.

  • Just walk around naked and when he can't take his eyes off you, say you forgot he was home.

  • As a dad who is very NOT into incest, I'm not sure how I can suggest anything helpful.
    I'm not judging, honest, it's just not my thing.
    You can't approach him head on, you have to be subtle. Smile at him, laugh at his jokes, show him that he is the most important man in your life. Wear...skimpy but not slooty clothes, ask his opinion. He needs to see you not as his daughter but as a young woman that likes him and doesn't judge him, boost his ego.
    Then watch movies with the lights dim, maybe under a blanket and "accidentally" touch him or even yourself make it obvious but subtle, make him want you and because men are hunters, we love the chase.

    I hope this helps. Good luck.

  • Massage worked for me though i was soaking before he even touched me

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