My big year of cheating part 2

Continued from my previous post

My next opportunity came two weeks later at the wedding. Somehow I was in the wedding party but my wife Tina was not. I was paired up with Chrissy, a red headed southern beauty. She was flying in on Thursday and asked if I could get her at the airport. I always had a thing for red heads, but I was shocked by her gorgeous smile and beautiful green eyes when she walked up to me. She was in a mid thigh sundress and heels that really complimented the curves of her body. "You must be my date for the weekend," she says as she wraps her arms around me and gives me a hug. I'm in total shock stumbling over my words. She steps back from the embrace and flashes a big smile, "I'm just kidding you. I know your married."

We leave the airport and stop for some lunch. She is very out going and loves to talk in her Georgia accent. We actually lost track of time and realized we had to get moving to go pick up my tux. As I tried on the tux, she was very complimentary telling me I looked very handsome and my wife was a lucky woman.

I dropped her off at the hotel and didn't see her till the next day at the rehearsal. She was wearing a simple blue low cut, knee length dress with wedge heels. She had amazing legs. I tried to discreetly check them out when I could. She loves little kids, so she was having a ball hanging out with me and my daughter who was almost 1, as my wife practiced singing with the piano player. During the rehearsal the wedding planner twice forgot about us as we were practicing walking down the aisles. We joked with each other that she didn't want to best looking couple distracting attention away from the groom and bride.

The rehearsal dinner was spent mostly chatting with family. Near the end of the dinner, I was totally alone and sat down at a table alone. Chrissy sat down next to me and asked if her date was ready to shoot pool after the dinner. I laughed and told her "I think my wife wants me at her mom's house to help with baby." "Nope, I already got clearance from the boss. She told me not to let you get too drunk, so your my chauffeur for the night." I chuckled at the thought. I double checked with my wife and thanked her and headed to the bar. Unfortunately I was absolutely horrible at pool and darts, even though everyone else was drinking way more than me. I gave up and went and joined Chrissy and Kylie, the bride, at a corner table.

They both had a evil grins on their faces. I asked what was up and the said reliving bachelorette party. We all skirted around what really happened at the parties till Kylie left the table. "Truthfully would Thomas be mad at Kylie." "Yes, would Kylie be mad at Thomas." "We all would be in trouble." "So you not the good boy that everyone makes you out to be?" I just smiled a evil grin. We both shared some details of the party, but then began sharing other graphic s** details. I know I was getting quite aroused and we both had moved closer together. I barely realized my arm was around her till Kylie came back to the table

The car ride to her hotel, she was asking me why I cheated, what did it feel like, how did I feel after. She kept asking and I could tell she was very intrigued. She placed her hand on my leg as a drive and kept rubbing it. We got to the hotel and she said I should walk her to the room. I said I better not. She place her hand of my c*** and said I think you really want too.

Slowly made our way up the stairs making out on each step. We get to her room and she begins to open my pants and they drop to the floor. She pulls my c*** out and gets on her knees in front of me. She was highly skilled at sucking my c***. I loved seeing this red hair beauty working on my c*** and playing with my b****. I moved us over to the bed and slipped out of her dress and laid on the bed next to me continuing on the b*******. My hands went to that perfect butt that was next me. As I felt her up she spread her legs and I began to finger her. She began moaning and moving against them. I pulled her on top of me to begin licking her p****. She slowed down on her sucking as I I worked on her p**** more. She came surprisingly quickly. She told me that was amazing as she turned around and began cowgirl. I played with her t*** and knew I wasn't going to last much longer. We switched to doggie and I finished. We had multiple more positions before I had to leave.

The next day, during the reception she asked for my help setting up the bridal suite. She quickly sucked my c*** there, then had me pull up her dress and f***** her bent over the bed.

May 12, 2016

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