I dont want to leave

I'll be out of high school in a few weeks. I don't want to leave and go into 'the real world'. Little by little the friends I've made that have become my world will start to fade away. Most of us are going to different colleges.

These are my real family. My sisters who held my hands and helped me through panic attacks. These are the people I turn to in the middle of the night when I'm holding a razor and want to end it all. I'm the one they turn to when their lives go bad.

My family doesn't really care about me. My mom is an alcoholic who blames her kids for the s***** life she has gotten herself into. My real dad is gone. Me stepdad is an a****** who hits my mom and gets too touchy when he's drunk.

Any life away from my family has got to be better. I'm just so afraid to lose my only real support system when high school is over.


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  • At least you have a support system.stfu and stop whining

  • I think that's nearly everyones fear when they leave high school or college. You spend so much time with the same group of people and then one day you never see most of them again.

    I had the same fear that you are feeling. You will meet new people. The ones that you are close with now will still be there. You may just need to work at keeping them in your life.

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