Gopro spy

A few months ago my parents go me a gopro for my birthday. I think thay are annoyed that I don't use it more.

I've been using it in our house to spy on my family. The first time was on accident. I left it on the table when I took my sister to her dance class. It recorded my patents having a fight about my mom having to go to a dinner with my dad and his boss.

I started leaving to all over the house to see what I could get. It was all junk. Empty rooms or people just passing in front of it. I crossed the line with my sister first. I hid it in her room when she was having friends over.I was freaked out the whole time one of them would find it Most of it was nothing but I did get some of them trying on clothes. Just them in bras and underwear but I was hooked. A few night later I hid it in the bathroom. At night I take a shower and then my sister does. As soon as she was out a ran in and got it. I wasn't disappointed. I started doing it all thr time. Then I started spying on the rest of my family.

I know its wrong and I should stop but I don't want to. I've seen thinds I was never susposed to see from everyone in the family. I know my parents take showers together after we go to bed. And that when my dad gets home from work and my mom follows him into their bedroom to see how his day was shes really giving him a b*******. I've seen my mom break down and cry after dad goes to work and my sister and I go to school. I know my sister steals money from moms purse. And that sometimes when her friend Sarah comes over they lay in my sisters bed and make out. I've seen my friend Joe go through the laundry hamper in the bathroom looking for my moms or sisters underwear. I've seen him j******* into toilet paper while using them.

I've started going out and using the gopro when I trail ride so my parents know I'm using it. I'm saving up to buy another one.My family has become my favorite tv show. I wish I could get real cameras to hide around the house that could record than the gopro does.

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  • I am waiting for a ex partner of my cousins to speak to me so I can get some gossip that her mother knows. aren't I a sneaky sound system. bumping people for information. I want to spy on more people and be like a police officer/security person and just watching and getting as much gossip or caught in the act action on everyone I can. just to be in the know.

  • I'd just focus on spying on the hot sister, especially naked and what she does with her friend. Sounds like that's the real show. I used to do the same, only with photos, with my hot older sister. At one point, had a folder full of shots of her in various positions, sleeping, naked, tanning, out of the shower and powdering the bottom of her t***, and pleasuring herself.

  • As f***** up as the things that ppl do are what u do is Pervy and much worse

  • I don't know what to say thats crazy

  • That both hot and disturbing.

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