I hate being a parent

My wife and everyone around me is pressuring us to have another kid. The truth of the matter is, I can't f****** deal with one kid, let alone two of them. I'm an ER nurse. It's so great having four days off per week everyone says. Yeah except my kid wakes me up at the crack of f****** dawn and I'm still exhausted from the day before. I prefer working. On my days off I feel trapped in the house. I can't watch TV because my kid HAS to watch what he wants or else I suffer an insufferable temper tantrum. To boot, since I have so much f****** free time with 4 days off, my wife just won't f****** clean the house. I pick the same s*** up every day. It's the definition of insanity.

Yesterday we were out eating with my in laws. My kid kept swinging at my face with his spoon. My mother in law thought it was a riot. I wanted to grab the spoon and sling it through a window. My father in law has told us a couple of times to have another kid. He's a good guy, but things are different nowadays. He never changed a diaper, cleaned the house or stayed at home with his kids. He just had to work.

I've tried to tell my wife my thoughts but she just gets p***** at me. I think some people were meant to have kids, but I'm not one of them. I can't imagine being stuck in this house with another kid. I'll f****** freak out.

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  • I have one kid, and that's all my wife's getting. Kids are fun, although sometimes mine is a little s***, but I told my wife our child gets a pass until he's 4, then its Judo, karate, or wrestling. And if he f***s up I'll have him running laps with me. Just hang in there until pre-K, and don't give in and have another one until you're ready. My in laws and my parents can kick rocks too, one and done for me, nothing worse than parents who have kids they can't raise right.

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  • Haha l****, glad I ain't you! Seriously man you poor b****** you thought with your pecker and fell right into trap. Now look at you. You have the kind of kid I despise and you're the type of parent i despise and there you are, a big kid yourself, mainly interested in your self. Do you take charge of your life? Do you own up to your responsibilities? You married your wife, buddy. I think you're going to have to find a way to deal with your commitments. Anyhoo, my wife is my best friend and we have no kids. I'm selfish and I admit it. She and I are living for ourselves.

    Oh, you wanted me to stop talking about how great I am and talk about you? Here's my advice: grow some /t/e/s/t/i/c/l/e/s/!!!!!!

  • Chances are your parents resented having you as well, but you turned out sort of okay..a little selfish. You have a kid, your life has changed permanently. What did you think was going to happen when a 3rd person was going to join your family? You need to accept the days of lounging around and sleeping in (or just sleeping) are over at least until that kid is 18. It's time for you set a new routine into motion and stop thinking what you don't like and start thinking what you do. 1. Limit the time your kid is babysat by the TV. Yes, it's super easy to do. Because watching a kid (even when its your own) is exhausting. If he's in the room only shows for kids should be on. Anything else, record and wait until he can't watch. Stop saying you're stuck in a house. He's stuck with an ass for a dad. So you're even. There's a world for you to explore - go for walks, bike rides etc. 2. Don't allow the tantrum to happen and/or give in to him. Have a time out corner and use it. There are reasons why kids throw tantrums, change the behavior. 3. Routine. Keep that kid on a routine. You will all be happier. Nap times and bed times are always the same. 4. Talk to your wife about your concerns with baby number 2. See a counselor if you need to. You need to bond with your child before any other children enter. 5. Household chores- Talk to your wife about this.. is she suffering from post partum depression? Honestly, take the burden off of both of you and hire a little help. Get a part time nanny for couple of hours. Get a housekeeper 1 or 2x a month. Buy some free time, you deserve it. 6. And/or consider preschool or day care. It helps them learn to socialize with others. 7. Ask for help - parents/inlaws may watch your kid one day a week or some thing and gets you both out of the house. You have to figure out how to make this work. That kid is here to stay.

  • Lmao - sorry man but that was some funny and true s***! Best Wishes - ever thought of maybe childcare (reputable w/video cams) for even one day a week to give you a break! I hate to break it to you - but if you only have one you will be their forever playmate, then you will worry they may be alone without siblings when you die! If you do it, don't wait to long! Best of Luck! Sorry but still laughing my ass off!

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