I have a Sugar Daddy

I am 21 years old. I was raised in a religious family and with strong morals. My parents never had any other partners in their life except one another. My mom still thinks i am a virgin.

In that context i moved 3 years ago in my current city with a bursary at a university here. My parents make together around 600. So no way they can support me here.

I started working in a kitchen, 12 hours a day, 7days a week. Was exploited fully and my boss wanted me to hook up with his younger brother. My first boyfriend and what i thought was the love of my life ended up banging half of the city i lived in. We broke up.

I had guys hit on me left right and center. Here prostitution is legal, a girl i met tried convincing me into it, i resisted. The school year started and my bursary only paid for my school. Worked weekends almlst 24 hours to support myself. Never even bought a shirt for myself.

On my 1 aniversary of being here i went to a bar, called my mom to lie to her once again about my situation.

A guy sits next to me and orders a beer. Gets in a discussion but i wasn't really interested. Offers to buy me a drink, i look at him and realize he is prob around 5-10 years older than my dad. I tell him to buy me a drink (the most expensive cocktail they had). He buys me 6 more over the course of the night. We started chatting and he tells me he is 52 and married with a son that is older than me.

I ask him if he usually chats up girls younger than hos son, he tells me no. At one point he kissed me, i kissed him back.

Next thing i know we are in the back of the cab making out. We went to my place, i shared a room with someone but we was sleeping at her bf's for the week.

We had s**,. He was older, had white hair, a bit of a belly, but i was attracted to him. Don't remember much but he came. Inside of me but luckily my period was due any day then.

The next day i felt him get up and leave. I wanted him to stay, he explains me that his wife comes home soon and can't catch him away like that. He acted really weird.

I thought i will never see him again. Felt dirty and bad, also thought about his wife.

A few days later he calls me.Asks if i am alone. I sheepishly say yes as i was h**** and roomate was away.

He admits to of never been with such a beautiful woman without paying. He brought me roses and a bottle of wine. I downed the bottle of wine and we did it again. This time i gave him great head and he came right away. Was my first time doing that as well, but watched a lot of movies to know fairly well what to do.
He leaves again.

Next week he picks me up, says he has a surprise. He comes in a car worth more than the apt i was living in.

He takes me shopping. I get to try all these clothes i never managed to afford. He enjoys watching me dress and undress. As a thank you i gave him head while coming home. He had spent over 1000 on me just that day. I never had tht before.

Before long he offered to move me into one of his condos. He had a few that he was renting out, of course the rent was free. His only rule was no other men allowed. I had all the clothes i wanted. Went to the spa, had a swimming pool in the complex and most importantly could study for university.

Invited my parents over to see where i live, my dad had a few hunches but i fooled them anyway. They where really happy with the plce i had.

They thought it was for the person that was top of the class. I was average at best. Sometimes he would come often sometimes once a month if he was away.

He helped my parents with money, paid off their debts and i made it seem like i won the lotto for that week. (Bought the numbers after the draw, explained the 4k he gave me as the win)

Fast forward to present day. I finally met his wife. I had to change locks at the apt. so she came as the coowner of the flat. She was really nice! She asked all these questions about my life, what i do and was fascinated with how pretty i am. For a little bit i forgot all about who she was. She was a very pretty woman in her day and took care of herself perfectly. She left and i cried.... i cried a lot at the guilt i felt.

I got a year left of school. Finally met a group of friends my age that i get along with. My secret stays my secret and except for the whole world now to rea, only my best friend knows about it.

Decided to write this as a confession.

My question is what is the unadulterated opinion of the forum members? What is your opinion?

My question is how much of a normal relationship can i have. I got used to

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  • Sugar daddy is common phenomenon in US. Being poor was not your fault. There is no need to feel guilty as long as his wife is unaware of all this. Life is short and only once. Move ahead in life.

  • Being a guy close to your age, doesnt make me dislike you at all. You're technically not doing anything unfaithful. I feel bad for the guys wife, but youre playing your cards to get by. I see no problem with that. He'll, I bet some guys would probably be into it.

  • I don't blame you. I'm 69 and married with a student girlfriend of 23. I'm sure she'll move on successfully from me once she starts earning.

  • There are guys out there who like the idea of a wild girl, and it doesnt mean he would love you any less.

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