Is it rude to spam the spam callers?

I confess... that I receive phone calls from the same number(one digit difference) at least three times a day. I ignore my phone for the most part so it's not very annoying, I'm just upset that this person thinks they need to call me so much all the time. Just stop.

I tried calling the number back to ask to be removed from their call list to which a machine answered and asked for my phone number. I punched in 999 999 9999(not my number) and was sent through to a representative. No matter which number I call, the call always links to the same woman. I did not speak, just listened. No company name was mentioned, the woman did not state her name or what she would be associated with. (I want to know who and why this number is calling so dang much. I don't even give out this number to service providers.)

So me being me, I did some digging on these numbers and.. i'm very good at that. I found the woman's house, what car she drives, etc.
Now I haven't been mean, I haven't said anything. I've only called the numbers back, hoping to get more information or hoping she would get the picture that I don't want to be called so much. (Passive aggression maybe?) That did not work and I still receive the phone calls during work hours, in the morning, late at night, any and all the time.

At this point, I'm thinking I want to call this number REALLY late/early. I stay up pretty late, and if this person wants to call me 100 times a day. then okay, but I'm gonna make some phone calls as well and they will make you just as upset.

Is this going too far? I kinda wanted to air horn the phone when she answered, but I think it's smarter to just not... ooo or what if I call late AND air horn?? Yeah, that might be good. I'll give her a quick heart attack so she can't go back to bed easy and feels uneasy.

So again, is this too mean? I'm still gonna call randomly and listen to her say hello at least. Why? Because I want to waste her time and make her a little upset.

I should just call back and tell her she won a cruise with an extended stay to Antarctica.

Next Confession

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  • Breathe deeply next time she calls

  • You should just get on the do not call registry. One time I kept on receiving emails from this company. It was odd, because I had never heard of them and the amount of emails I received from them was annoying. I hit unsubscribe countless time and waited for their system to catch up. They would send emails not only daily, but multiple ones. Usually, I just delete things. But there are some emails I would just prefer that I no longer receive. I went to their home page and tried to find their contact us info to ask that I be removed. I wrote and still nothing happened. Finally, I just took their info email and started to sign them up for **. Any junky website I could find..even if they had to verify, an email would still be going to them. Finally, their emails stopped. A little satisfaction...

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