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It isn't like I don't have emotions, it's not like I even have any problems with relating to people;in fact I have quite a few close friends. Most people say I'm a friendly guy and generally fun to be around.

It's just that I could quite easily kill someone and not feel any remorse. Of course, it would have to be someone I don't know or have any connection to, but I wouldn't feel bad about killing someone.

The annoying thing about killing someone is not the social outcasting (I can always go online and be anonymous).Iit's the fact that it is incredibly hard to get a job after you have done something like killing a human and you aren't a soldier.

I have contemplated killing someone just because I wanted to see what would happen, but I have at least some foresight and I can see that it is a stupid thing to do. Spending years in prison wouldn't be very enjoyable, especially if I am put in with people who have killed for some gang reason. I say this because I would think that they are more likely to be quite aggressive and needlessly being abused is a stupid situation to get into.

I do things for experiences because I want to know what would happen afterwards. First I think them through, if there is a high risk of limiting my ability to function in society, then I don't do them. It's not because I'm scared, just because it is stupid to do those sorts of things.


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  • People like you do exist. They kill someone and feel awesome about it until they get caught. Alissa Bustamente killed Elizabeth Olten who was nine just to see how it felt. She's in prison now for life. A nineteen-year-old black kid killed a sixty-nine-year-old white man for the same reason and its life in prison. In some states, it would be the death penalty. In Georgia, it would be.

    In 1989 I served on a grand jury after a fifteen-year-old boy called for pizza and shot the twenty-year-old delivery girl to death. He was fifteen at the time and had he been eighteen he would have been sentenced to die. He's been in prison ever since and he's there till he dies.

    Like you, none of these murders feel an ounce of remorse. Look where it got them, though.

  • It's not like I would feel empowerment after taking someone's life, it isn't that hard to do. It isn't like I would feel sexual pleasure from killing, it is simply because I want to know what would happen.

    I realise that the death penalty is a thing in many states and I would serve life in prison if I killed someone, that's why Im not going to. Putting yourself into that situation is stupid.

  • I tell you what I've read it's like, a lot of people don't it's either, but it is well known in the military. When you kill someone, you literally see their face/s everyday after that. A haunting if you will, you'll never enjoy s** again

  • I never realized how lucky I am to not have been the victim of some random like you.

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