I'm just venting.

I really flucking hate how LOUD my family is. Is it really necessary for you to yell every thought that comes to your mind?

Mom, We can ALL hear your conversation on the phone. You talk so f****** loud. Tone it down, I don't need to hear how fake you are as you gossip about all of your coworkers only to smile in their face. Seriously please. It gives me a headache. Also please quit putting your depressing, detrimental music on so damn loud, and pipe down with the volume on your games. PLEASE. You're a hypocrite for getting mad at me last year when I'd put on self-help and stress relieving clips at night because of my anxiety, when you have no problem parading around with your loud self.

Older bro, calm down. We SEE your existence. We know you are here. You don't need to broadcast it with your obnoxious actions. Blasting your music in your car for the neighborhood and world to hear doesn't give people the impression "Wow, Omg, he's so free!" No. What we're thinking is how inconsiderate you are when people are trying to sleep in the morning and at night. It isn't necessary to yell at a screen every time you get a win in a video game. It isn't necessary to blast your music around the house everywhere you go at every time. And it especially isn't necessary to yell at our cats each time they jump on the counter. Clearly it's something they've been taught to do by our mom. Get your own house, own pet, and set your rules.

To my younger brothers. The volume to your video games and videos you watch of video games DO NOT need to be that loud. I can hear you all the way upstairs. Please, I don't want to hear obnoxious yelling or high pitched, repetitive sounds. Please please please turn the volume down everyone.

I can't take this. Why am I the only one who is considerate in this house, yet I'm the same one who gets so much crap? These people have all complained last year about my noise, which I toned down and even got earphones for. But those same people are absolute hypocrites. The worst is when they are all doing it at the same time and I get sensory overload. I can't take it anymore, I'm a sensitive person who suffers from anxiety. What will it take to get these people to stop being so damn selfish? I'm doing everything I can to cope with it and be patient but it's too much.

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  • Ugh, tough gig! It sounds like you're the only introvert in a house full of extroverts. You actually think once in a while and have consideration for others, where all they care about is LOOK AT ME LOOK AT ME LOOK AT MEEEEE 24/7. That's got to be fvcking unbearable.

    You probably realize by now you won't change them. Find a place of your own or with like-minded people-- and give them your number, but screen your calls! ;) Good luck.

  • They've destroyed their hearing. Dare them to get a hearing test - most hearing aid sellers will test them for free. In my town, Sam's Club offers free hearing tests. They blast the sound because they can't hear it otherwise.

    I know - I used to work for an industrial audiologist.

  • They've destroyed their hearing by blasting music so loud. Dare them to get their hearing tested. In my town Sam's Club does hearing tests for free. Many hearing aid sellers will give them a free test also.

    I know about hearing damage - I worked for an industrial audiologist for years. The kids coming into noisy factories had worse hearing than people who had worked there for years and had serious hearing damage from the noise.

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