My Wonderful Life

I Cheated on my wife Amy with a friend from Work. My Son Drew is a complete and utter Loser and I could not be more disappointed, My Daughter is becoming a druggie and has multiple guys f****** her. People ask why I do drugs, this is why. Sometimes I think Death is the easier and happier path.


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  • Seems like your daughter is taking up after her dad, hope she gets prego by a guy who cheats on her like you cheat on your wife.

  • PSL67 is a crazy dude check his Twitter account, no wonder your life is a mess, you extremist, white supremacist, Hate Mongerer, I hope your kids marry a peace loving black Muslim, I'm sure your daughter is probably riding a nice black man right now.

  • Kids act out because of what is happening at home. Take a good look in the mirror dad.. You're the reason your wife cheated. You're the reason your son is not excelling. And really.. he's a loser, the bar can't be that high with a dad like you. And your daughter.. s** and drugs..she's escaping her life at home. You want to change your family, set and example and clean up your act.

  • Sure keep blaming everybody else for being a loser, hey thats what loser do!

  • You should try to renew the relationship with the woman at work and just see where it leads. That may well be your salvation from all the s*** -- and all the s***** people -- surrounding you. I wish you only the best of luck.

  • Haha coworker relationship used as an escape from his realities rather than dealing with them. what could go wrong.

  • Don't blame others for your drug behavior, you do drugs because you want to. That's just an excuse to use drugs not because of someone else's behavior. Instead of focusing on feeling sorry for yourself why don't you help your kids with their problems, and lay off the cheating on your wife and focus on trying to be a man and take care of your family!!!

  • You need to stop doesn't no drugs and pray. Man up, be the father you can be!

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