Love of my life

I find this is a mix of things, so i've put it under Other

Where do I start? When I was in year 4 I thought I discovered gold (later found out it was pyrite... Heh...) in a hill of my school. I wasn't very popular so I decided to tell one of the new kids. I chose a girl named Ashleigh and we became fast friends.

Fast forward a year later. You know how I said I was unpopular? Well, that "transferred", if you will, to her. The bullying got too much for her and she moved away. I missed her terribly.

From there on in my life began to spiral downwards. My mother and father seperated around that time and me and my sister began to overeat due to the stress. We both ballooned over the next 5 years. I made new friends but it just wasn't the same.

After all this, I believe i've gained close to 45 kilograms, experimented with drugs and i've began hurting myself. I don't cut myself, mind you, but I abuse myself with blunt pain. Me and my sister share a love/hate sort of bond and my mother's going out with another guy. I hate him.

I do believe I love her, because even after 5 years I still miss her. I just want to apologise for the way she was treated because of me. I don't want to get with her or anything because I don't deserve her. I just want her to be happy.

Well, that's my confession. Thank you very much for reading.

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