The wife convinced me

So I was off on a weekend for a change. She asked if I wanted to go hang out at john's house. She said he had been wanting to meet me since my wife talked about me a lot. She said just the three of us. She wanted me to help him make dinner and then afterwards just hang out and have some drinks. I didn't say no because I had shot down her idea the last 4 times we went out. I just hoped it wouldn't be another one of those "I just can't wait to get home" type things.

So we head over there around 5. He wanted to do pasta. Fresh sauce and homemade noodles. We walk into his house and he immediately says, "Damn Liz, he is cute. You need to let me play with him." My wife laughed and said, "H*** I don't mind but not sure what he thinks." I said, "You don't mind huh?" She said, "Nothing will probably happen but I've known John since I was 4."

So we get dinner made and are sitting down and eating it. John and my wife are talking about s**. My wife is talking about how often we have s** (a couple times a week) and my favorite position. Then she says, "His only complaint is I don't suck his d*** enough." He said, "Girl, don't you know that's a requirement? You don't do it?" I said, "Not really." She said, "Hey I do suck your d***!" I said, "Not really. Not for at least 6 months." She said, "what would you rather have? P**** or head?" Both me and John say at the same time, "Both." She said, "Fine. John you can suck his d*** then." John said, "Don't play like that." She said, "Who is playing? If he wants head, you can give it to him." John says, "How big is he?" She says, "Average."

John reaches over and feels my c*** through my basketball shorts. I'm no where near hard. He says, "Is he in there?" He keeps rubbing. I start getting hard. He says, "Yep. Here he is." My c*** is now fully erect. He says, "Yep. A pretty nice c*** you have there."

We finish the meal and are just talking and having some drinks. Then he says, "You guys up for a movie?" My wife says, "Sure. What do you have?" He says, "Newest one I have is guardians of the Galaxy." She says, "Oh cool. I haven't seen that yet." We walk into the living room. He is getting the movie ready. She claims john's recliner. I say, "Don't you wanna sit over here with me?" She says, "I love this chair. I'm staying here."

So john and I take the couch. Movie is starting and he puts his hand on my leg. I don't really say anything about it. Then he puts his hand on my c***. He says in just a normal speaking tone, "You should take these off." I don't know what to do so I just ignore he says anything. My wife looks back and says, "Go ahead honey. Take your shorts off." I say, "I'm not wearing underwear." She says, "So? Just give it a try. Nobody is gonna say anything." I say, "You for real? Hard to tell." She says, "Yeah. For real. Take your pants off and have some fun. You might get some head."
Before I go on, let me just say that I had never told my wife that I was interested or even curious about having s** with men. I have had several gay encounters but again, she doesn't know anything about any of that. As far as she knows, I'm straight.

Now I can't tell if she is just s******* with my head. I decide to call her bluff and I take them off. He has ahold of my c*** and is stroking it. My wife is casually looking back at John stroking me while also watching the movie. John leans over and starts to go down on me. My wife is looking. She said, "See. Isn't that nice?" I say, "Yeah. Actually he is quite good." I lay back against the back of the couch. He is fully giving me a b****** now. I lean over a bit and put my hand inside his shorts and I grab his ass. She is now facing us. She has one leg propped up on the arm of the chair and she has her hand between her legs lightly playing with her p**** over her panties. She says, "Go on baby. Suck his d*** too." I say, "I...uh..." She says, "Just try it.

I help John out of his shorts. We are now both naked. My wife takes off her panties and is now fingering herself. John and I are 69ing on the couch. John is first to c**. We had been sucking each other for about 15 minutes. My wife is now full on masturbating. She says in a breathy, moaning voice, "Yeah. That's right baby. Swallow his c** for me." I do indeed swallow his load. After he is done I lay down on the couch and he concentrates on sucking me off. I start to have a damn good o*****. He keeps sucking while I c**. He swallows every bit of my load. Wife is now c******. Her hand is moving so fast you can't really see.

When it's all said and done, she says, "Told you he would let you do it."

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  • Wow that got me super hard!!! f*** I wish you and your wife was here

  • Very hot experience , love the way your wife set you up! I dated a girl while in my teens who's best friend was gay. No matter where we went he was always there with us. After about a month of dating we were at her house watching a movie, the two of us on the couch, him on the floor. We start making out, I'm feeling her t*** she is rubbing my c*** getting me hard . She unzips me and pulls my c*** out, her friend is now watching as she goes down on my c*** . I'm hard as a rock only the second b****** of my life , she goes up and down a few times when I hear him say " let me show you how to do it" in a split second her mouth was replaced by his on my c***. I was so worked up I didn't even try to stop him as he licked and suck me off. I warned him I was going to c** ,he kept the head of my c*** in his mouth until I was drained. When he pulled off my c*** he looked at my girlfriend gulped down my load then said works every time! She later admitted it was a game they played with her getting guys worked up so he could finish them off. I'm in my 40s now an to this day it is still one of the best b******* I have ever had.

  • She had been talking about meeting her friend for a few weeks. She kept saying that she thinks I'm hot. I always changed the subject or just was like "yeah right." That particular night I didn't have an excuse to make up so we went over there. I had no idea this was kind of a fantasy she had. I was resistant and nervous until he started blowing me but once he got started it wasn't bad

  • Well experiencing is good, especially if your wife is in to it

  • Disgusting for sure.

  • Weird for sure

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