I want a baby :(

I just want to have a baby sooo badly. I fantasise all the time that I have become a teenage mother and everyone says 'gosh she's coping so well with that baby'. I wanna be pregnant, pregnant women look beautiful. I'm only 14 so obviously having a baby now would be a terrible idea, but gosh, I can't help myself fantasising!! I have planned out my future to the last detail, im gonna have 4 kids and I have already got a christening dress from a charity shop for one of my daughters. I have picked out baby names and everything. I felt my first urge to become a mother when I was 5 and I started to plan everything out when I was 11. Am I screwed up? Whenever I hear about or see someone being horrible to their kid it makes me want a child even more. Sorry, I just really needed to tell someone how I feel!!


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  • Snap chay me rawr-xd3
    Am 14 turning 15 this yeae

  • Go ahead burden your parents you're all awesome people...

  • Hey I have fantasies like this to I want to be a dad and have 4 kids, heck I have 3 siblings so yeah I'm 14 too if you ever want to get more advice just call I'll see if I can help you out any more ??

  • And this is how 16 and pregnant starts..

  • Well you would not be the first to have a baby that young. I rember wanteing to be a dad since I was even younger thatn you, though I am in my fourties and now and not sure I ever will be. A big part of being a parent is doing what is right for you child, and putting their interests ahead of yours. Sorry but I feel that means you should wait until you are abit older to be able to take care fo them properly. Otherwise your your parents support, or welfare are your options and won't provide the best and most stable home. Just concentrate on you for a few more years, when youa re 18 and finsihed school see, then and who might be in your love life then. At 18 you might find a nice guy in his mid 20s who will want to marry you and settle down. best wishes xo

  • Sorry for all my spelling typos above :(

  • Oh honey, I have the same problem. I've always wanted a baby so no, you are not screwed up. Just wanna let you know, you are not alone :)

  • True. There absolutely is no shortage of stupid people.

  • Wow I just got a notification about this post, I’m the OP and 21 now. Cringing so hard at what I wrote...

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