Car Pool

I work at a site in South Carolina. Most of the people car pool to work. The only car pool I could find was with 3 guys. I knew one but didn't know the others. It was good because I never had to buy any beer the guys always made sure I had something to drink on the way home. The topics started off about football. The Gamecocks, they would always call the team the C****. I wondered if they even knew. It later turned to s** and who on site was having it and with who. I played along and was interested in who was getting laid. I started my own little game and started showing some skin. I could tell it really got them looking. I wore low cut stuff and even unbuttoned one button two many. The guys really started asking some really sexual questions of me. I gave them just enough to keep the h**** on the way home.
Then something happened, one of the members (Jim) became my boss. It was kind of odd talking s** to your boss. Nothing changed though, we even started talking about s** with our spouses.
This is when things changed forever. One week the other two carpool members went on vacation and it was just me and Jim. It was normal the first day but on the second he told me he had a confession to make and told me he has always wanted me. I was very surprised and flattered. I ask if this was going to affect our job relationship and he said no. We talked about his affection the next day and that's when I decided to act. We both live in Evans and travel I-20 home. When we go on I-20 I moved over in the seat and unzipped his pants and began giving him a b*******. He had never had one in a car while driving. I am very good at doing this.
We started our own carpool. He ask me to work the next Saturday and that's the first time I have ever been f***** on a desk. We f***** for more that a year.
He is no longer with us but it was great.

Jun 1, 2016

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  • Nice.. Years ago, I ride-shared with an attractive, sexy woman who lived half-way between our office building and my apartment. I'd drive 25 miles, meet her in a store parking lot, and we'd trade off weeks of who'd drive to work. Did well for quite a while, and, we got close.

    As I learned more about her life, problems, and ex's, and, she did mine, I became more confident with making (as she was, accepting) sexual talk, advances, and physical flirting. Joelle also possessed one of my fetishes: very long, polished nails. I'd stared at them all the time, then, started feeling, and jokingly but enjoying it, tasting them as she drove. That became a thing with us.

    Then, when she dressed as the textbook sexy witch for her office Halloween party, complete with low-cut top that made her huge b**** just bounce out, jet-black nails, and hair down...I could hold back no more. Started up with her, for real, that afternoon (we'd meet for lunch or mid-day sometimes), and told her..We'e been dancing this long enough..Today, on the way home, we're getting a room. The lot I met her in every day also had a Red Roof Inn, so, I chose there.

    We spent hours having at each other, pure, flat-out lustful s**, fulfilling each other's desires. For the next year or so (until I left my job), we'd do this every few weeks. If I received a nice bonus check, Joelle knew..He's taking me to dinner, then the hotel. Name wasn't even needed anymore. Not "Red Roof Inn"..Simply "the hotel".

  • That was hot.
    Love that you took the initiative ;)

  • I was after her from about the second week driving/riding with her, and, some mornings, depending on what she wore or her actions towards me, would actually get hard in the car. One morning, she drove, and was going off on her ex, touching my arm and leg a lot. She reached behind the seat for her bag, and two buttons of her shirt became undone, showing off a good amount of cleavage. Joelle didn't bother to fix it, touching my thigh and saying "You're a guy, you've seen t*** before". Had she have placed her hand a little more north that morning, she'd have known how much man. I was hard for her. Just hid it fairly well.

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